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The 10 Best Thrift Stores in Houston

Interior Of Charity Shop Or Thrift Store Selling Used And Sustainable Clothing And Household Goods

The 10 Best Thrift Stores in Houston

The city is vibrant and lively, with plenty to do each day. It’s packed with incredible thrift shops, each with its own appeal. Some have unique vintage treasures while others harbor high-end handbags and brand-name sneakers. But don't worry, we include some ultra-affordable spots that have can't-miss daily deals. Discover the 10 best thrift stores in Houston and learn a few tips for scoring the best bargains!

The 10 Best Thrift Stores in Houston

1. Family Thrift Center

Woman and child browsing through clothing in a thrift store


129 Little York, Houston, TX 77015

The Family Thrift Center is part of a group of several different stores that sell used clothing, household items, books, and toys. They have a special reward program that allows you to save up to 55% every Sunday. Plus, you can earn points through their app.

Every Monday, they offer 20% off for senior citizens. At this thrift shop, there are a lot of name-brand clothes at discount prices. If you’re looking for rare items, this is not the best location for that purpose. However, if you’re looking to save money on awesome used clothing and a variety of other items, it’s worth checking out.

2. The Cottage Shop

Beautiful young woman carrying a box while selling her clothes and bags at the thrift store. Smiling woman selling second hand clothing


811 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77006

Since 1971, The Cottage Shop has developed quite a reputation in the Montrose area. When you shop here, you’re contributing to The Women’s Home, which is an organization that helps support women and their families via several programs, including residential treatment and transitional housing programs.

This is the type of shop where you’ll find one-of-a-kind items, including jewelry and handbags. Plan your visit wisely because they offer sales on specific items each day of the week, except Wednesdays (their restocking days). On Mondays, they offer 50% off regular shoes and clothing. On Tuesday, you can enjoy 25% off home furnishings and jewelry.

On Thursdays, you not only get 25% off jewelry, but you can also enjoy 25% off shoes, clothing, and handbags. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can enjoy 25% off clothing, home furnishings, shoes, and accessories. They have vintage and boutique sections in the shop where you can score some incredible high-end designer brands as well!

3. St. Christopher’s Resale Shop

assorted donated second hand household items, arranged on shelves on display in a thrift store. Thrifting


650 Blalock Rd., Houston, TX 77080

This faith-based resale shop provides various affordable items to their community, including special sales during the holidays. For example, sometimes they offer a kids’ clothes bag sale which means you can stuff one of the bags they give you with kids’ clothes and take it all home for only $6.00!

They frequently host events throughout the year, highlighting a special sale each time. Not only can you find clothing, but you can also explore items like silverware, dishes, glassware, and even table linens. Be sure to ask about the different colored tags to determine what the discount is per item.

4. Centrl Sply

Nike logo texture on Jordan 1.


2315 Post Oak Blvd., Houston, TX 77056

This shop is unique in that it focuses specifically on luxury resale. This is the spot you want to go to when you’re looking for trendy clothes and shoes without ‘brand-new' prices. You can typically find deals like 30% off store-owned shoes, 10% off pre-owned shoes, and 20% off designer vintage and vintage shoes.

You’ll find name brands like Nike, Supreme, and Yeezy. Along with offering a wide range of shoes, you can also find clothing, fitted caps, and unique reworked pieces. This is definitely on the premium side of vintage thrifting but when you’re brand-conscious, it’s good to know where you can head to find an unbeatable selection.

5. The Guild Shop

Swap party, market, second hand. Casual clothes, hats, bags and jewelry for sale. Event for exchange of clothes, shoes and accessories. Eco-friendly cloth exchange. Volunteering, donation


2009 Dunlavy St., Houston, TX 77006

This thrift shop is faith-based and has been serving the community for over 60 years. They primarily support the elderly, offering clothing, household items, jewelry, rugs, furniture, and even art. There’s a consignment area in the store and inside, it’s a wonderland of unique items. For those who enjoy taking the time to find something unique, this shop is worth visiting.

6. Full Court Classics

Used clothes on hangers in a thrift store. Out off focus, anonymous customers are seen in the background.

©Sussi Hj/Shutterstock.com

610 W. Alabama St., Houston, TX 77006

This store is well-known because they have a buy, sell, and trade policy. Here, you are likely to find some classic brands like Champion, Polo, and Stussy. You can visit the shop for more vintage gear or enjoy their modern items. They sell T-shirts, bottoms, outerwear, headwear, and accessories. This isn’t the most discounted store on the list, but considering they frequently have special deals, it’s worth checking out to see if you can snag some unique treasures.

7. Leopard Lounge

Man choosing clothing in a second hand store. Various vintage suede leather and jeans jackets hang on clothing rack. Thrifting and sustainability in clothing concept

©Dmitry Naumov/Shutterstock.com

1639 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77006

Leopard Lounge is a vintage retail store that you can’t miss. The exterior is bold with a leopard print and a bright sign. It’s where you can find the most beautifully curated selection of vintage in the Montrose area. If you’re looking for clothing that was popular between the 1920s and the 2000s, this is a great spot to peruse. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or one of your kiddos, you have a great staff to work with. They are knowledgeable about all their items. You can expect to find shoes, clothing, and accessories at this spot.

8. Pavement

Second hand wardrobe idea. Circular fshion, eco friendly sustainable shopping, thrifting shop concept. Top view over woman outfit.


1657 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77006

This resale shop boasts both modern and recycled fashion. Like some of the other shops on this list, they also have a buy, sell, trade policy. They handpick all of their vintage items as well as their modern offerings. You can find shoes, clothing, and purses among other unique picks. Every so often, they have a $1.00 sale day where you can pick out a few goodies for more than a reasonable price. The store is roomy and offers a wide selection. This is not the stuffy type of thrift store you might envision. There’s plenty of space with racks to walk through. The whole shop is a vibe.

9. Out of the Closet

Female Shopper In Thrift Store Looking At Clothes


1435 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77006

At Out of the Closet, you can find a range of secondhand clothing, home decor, and some vintage items. When you shop at Out of the Closet, you help to support the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Inside, you’ll see that everything is neatly categorized. You can find jewelry, books, clothing, and a range of accessories. The shop has a funky vibe and if you head toward the back, you can discover several furniture pieces. In keeping with their mission, they also serve as an HIV testing center in several (though not all) of their locations.

10. Value Village Texas

Female shopper browsing through clothing In a Thrift Store


6202 Bissonnet St., Houston, TX 77081

Value Village Texas is a thrift superstore that is found in different parts of the state. They have several options in Houston. Considering it’s a superstore, you can imagine how spacious these stores are. They have an unbeatable selection and reasonable pricing on all of their items. Every day, the stores are stocked with new items, which means that you’re always going to be surprised by what you find.

They have a color-of-the-day system, so be sure to check what that is so you can enjoy 50% off. Some stores have a $0.99 sale rack that you can check out. There are tons of sales every day, and on Sundays, their white tag items are also 50% off. Sundays get a bit busier than other days, so be sure to arrive early so you can take advantage of those items on the sales floor!

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