Preventing Boredom: Car Trip Games for Kids

Car trip gamesOn long road trips, sometimes the most challenging thing is keeping your kids entertained.  When traveling through remote areas, there is nothing worse than looking out at a barren landscape.  Parents should think of ways to entertain their kids so that they rarely ever get bored.

There are quick and easy solutions to this problem.  Before you hear the words, “Are we there yet?” on repeat, be one step ahead of the kids with these five fun and simple car game ideas.

I Spy car game

This is a classic.  While driving in the car say, “I spy, with my little eye, something that is (insert with clue).”  Just be sure that if you happen to be driving on a freeway at a quick speed, that you ask the question before the kid misses seeing it completely.  People in the car can take turns asking the others in the car what they see.

License Plate Game

For long cross-country trips, you are more than likely to see license plates from various states.  There are two options with this game suggestion.  The first is 1. Ask the kids what state a particular license plate is from and 2. Ask the kids to create a phrase with the numbers/letters on another car’s license plate.  For example, if you see a license plate with the letters “BLNKSL8,” ask what it could mean.  Your child may come up with the phrase, “blank slate” or “blinks late.”  The answers may make little sense, but it’s fun to see what the kids can come up with.

Slug Bug

Another classic game.  While driving, see how many Volkswagen Bugs they can spot on the road.  Traditionally, one hits another and yells, “Slug bug!”  However, in order to avoid your children from beating each other up, suggest that they each just keep a tally of how many VW Bugs they see.

Who Am I? (I'm looking for...)

Have the kids act out like specific people.  It can be a relative, a friend, or even someone famous.  Depending on how the game rules are set, kids can act out these characters silently or incorporate different voices.  Have everyone in the car try to guess.  If no one guesses, continue to give clues or have the next person in the car act out someone new.

Word Play

This game might seem like a little more extra work, but at least it is time consuming.  Along the way, have the kids write down words, as they see them, from billboards, street signs or even bumper stickers.  Ask the kids to come up with 50 words.  When 50 words are reached, ask that they create a short story, a song or a poem with the list of words that they have.  The results can be really interesting and silly.





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