Gall Bladder Symptoms

Your gall bladder is a small organ located near the liver. It stores bile used in the digestion of fat. If you think you might have gall bladder disease then you might want to look at gall bladder symptoms. You can arm yourself with information to help you get treatment.

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One of the gall bladder symptoms is pain in the abdomen area. It's usually quite severe and is located on your right side in the upper area of your abdomen. It's a pain that is worse when you take a deep breath. The pain radiates around to your back, usually right around your right shoulder blade. Your gall bladder pain is usually worse after you have just finished eating food that is high in fat content. The abdominal pain may be accompanied with a feeling of abdominal fullness or excessive gas.

Nausea and vomiting are other gall bladder symptoms. The nausea and vomiting may be accompanied by heartburn. The nausea and vomiting can occur at any time, but they may be more prevalent right after eating fatty foods. They are also aggravated by any feelings of abdominal pain.

Gall bladder symptoms include fever, chills and shaking as well. Again, these symptoms are more likely to occur after eating fatty foods or fatty drinks since the gall bladder is the organ responsible for helping you digest fat. These symptoms may go away several hours after they begin as your gall bladder pain begins to decrease.

Any single one of these gall bladder symptoms is not enough to know you have gall bladder problems, but if you are suffering from several of these or if the pain is chronic, then you should look into seeking medical treatment. You can get your gall bladder disease under control.

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