Stomach Flu Symptoms

Viral gastroenteritis is commonly called stomach flu and is a viral infection of your intestine that can be very painful and can come on very suddenly. Stomach flu is a very common viral illness and stomach flu symptoms can be very painful and discomforting but fortunately it is usually not dangerous, unless you have a compromised immune system.

Stomach flu is caused by a virus that is at home in contaminated food, contaminated water and other people who are suffering from the stomach flu. You can help yourself to avoid the stomach flu by avoiding food and water that may be contaminated as well as washing your hands frequently and throughly. Stomach flu symptoms usually begin to appear one to three days after infection.

Stomach flu symptoms differ from other types of flu as it doesn't affect your upper respiratory system. One of the toughest symptoms is abdominal cramps and pain. The abdominal pain can cause you to double over in pain. It's usually accompanied by frequent watery diarrhea. It's usually non bloody but if you do have bloody diarrhea than the infection could be much more serious. You will also experience vomiting, nausea, muscle aches and pains and a low grade fever. The stomach flu symptoms can range from moderate to severe but luckily they only usually last for a day or two and then they go away.

If you experience these stomach flu symptoms, you can be pretty certain that you have stomach flu though it could be another type of food poisoning. With all infections, it's a good idea to visit the doctor though you might find it difficult when you are in the throes of stomach flu to visit a doctor. If the symptoms are particularly severe or they last for more than two days then you should immediately seek medical treatment in case it is something more serious.





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