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Corry is a striking traditional baby name. Historically used for both boys and girls, this name appears frequently in media and popular culture. Corry is the name of a character in the Sister of Mal series, and Corry Bell was a main character in the Klettermaxe series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Corry:

Old Gaelic: Hollow, cauldron, seething pool
Old Norse: Curly haired
Latin: Horn, heart
Greek: Maiden
Welsh: Daughter of the sea

Origin of the name Corry:

Corry is a unique name with several possible origins. As a boy name, it is an alternative spelling of Cory or Corey. Both names derive from the Old Gaelic word coire (meaning “hollow” or “cauldron”). Some etymologists also believe that Cory and Corey may derive from the Old Norse word Kóri (meaning “curly haired”). Alternatively, Corry is the traditional nickname of Cornelius. This Roman family name originates from the Latin element cornu (meaning “horn”).

During the Victorian era, Corry was a popular nickname for a plethora of girl names. Examples of such names include Cornelia, Cora, Cordelia, and Corrine. The name Cornelia is the feminine variation of Cornelius (meaning “horn”). Both Cora and Corrine derive from the Latin element cor (meaning “heart”) or the Greek element kórē (meaning “maiden”). And while Cordelia may also derive from the Latin word for “heart” or the Greek word for “maiden,” there are two additional theories. It may derive from the Welsh goddess's name Creiryddlydd (meaning “daughter of the sea”) or from the French expression coeur de lion (meaning “heart of the lion”).

Symbolism of the name Corry:

Corry is a traditional name with a range of possible origins. One of the most common explanations of the name is that it derives from the Celtic word coire (meaning “hollow” or “cauldron”). In Scotland, it was a topographical surname that referred to someone who near a canyon or cavernous terrain. These landscapes were the sites of ceremonial rituals in Celtic religion. In this context, the cauldron landscape represents rebirth and regeneration.

Style of the name Corry:


Gender of the name Corry:

Corry is a unisex baby name — it's given to both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the name Corry:


Number of syllables in the name Corry:


Emotion evoked from the name Corry:

The name Corry evokes feelings of charitable nature and common ground.

Alternative spellings for the name Corry:

Nicknames for the name Corry:

  • Cor
  • Core

Popularity of the name Corry:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Corry was the 6,975th most popular baby name for boys in 2020.

Related names for the name Corry:

Great middle names for Corry and their meanings:

  • Avery (elf ruler)
  • Bevin (fair one)
  • Blakeley (dark meadow)
  • Evan (God is gracious)
  • Hunter (he who hunts)
  • Londyn (great river settlement)
  • Mitchell (big, large, who is like God)
  • Owen (well-born, young warrior)
  • Raven (blackbird)
  • Vaughn (little, small)
  • Wesson (western settlement)
  • Wynter (coldest season)
  • Yunus (dove)

Famous people with the name Corry:

  • Corry Arnold (photographer)
  • Corry Maria Brokken (singer)
  • Corry John Evans (footballer)
  • Corry Glass (stuntman)
  • Corry Konings (actress)
  • Corry Vreeken (chess master)
  • Corry Will (actor)
  • Corry Van Zanten (singer)

Corry in popular culture:

  • Corry (character in the Sister of Mal series)
  • Corry Bell (character in the Klettermaxe series)
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