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Dixie has dropped in popularity as a name for the south, just like it has a baby name. It is hard to believe that in the mid-twentieth century, Dixie was a top 200 name. Despite this decline, Dixie still has a fun and lighthearted feel.

Meaning of the Name Dixie

The baby name Dixie became a standard name in the 1800s after the French word for ten, “dix,” was printed on $10 bills in a specific bank in New Orleans. This town was known for mostly still speaking in the French language in these times. For that reason, Dixie was born out of Louisiana.

The baby name Dixie means “tenth” as “dix” is the French word for “ten.” It could also mean “I have spoken,” as the name comes from New Orleans in the 1800s, where the French language was still primarily spoken.

Nicknames for Dixie

Dixie feels fun, lighthearted, and young. It has a country feel to it too that almost lacks seriousness. If you're looking for a nickname for the Dixie in your life, we've compiled a list of possible options to help get you inspired:

  • Dix
  • Pixie
  • Di Di
  • Di
  • Pixie
  • DeeDee 
  • Ixy

Dixie Name Details

Style: Modern

Gender: Dixie is traditionally considered to be a girls name.

Pronunciation: DIK-see

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Dixie

  • Dicksee
  • Dickseigh
  • Dicksi
  • Diksie
  • Diksee
  • Dikseigh
  • Dixei
  • Dixee

Dixie Name Popularity

The baby name Dixie was a top 1,000 name in 2015 at rank 941. Ever since then, it has not even appeared on the top 1,000 list. The name reached its highest on the top 200 list from 1935 to 1942.

  • Trixie
  • Gypsy
  • Birdie
  • Dolly
  • Moxie
  • Winnie
  • Minnie

Great Middle Names for Dixie and Their Meanings

  • Caroline (strong)
  • Gwendolyn (fair bow, blessed ring)
  • Susannah (graceful lily)
  • Jane (God is gracious)
  • Lynn (living near a lake or waterfall)
  • Jolene (God will increase)
  • Miranda (to be wondered at)
  • Rosanna (rose, gracious rose)
  • Yvonne (yew)

Famous People Named Dixie

  • Dixie Carter (actress, “Designing Women”)
  • Dixie Willson (children's author, “Honey Bear”)
  • Dixie Willis (Olympic runner)
  • Dixie Graves (Alabama Senator)
  • Dixie Haygood (magician)
  • Dixie Selden (painter)
  • Dixie Martin (character from “All My Children”)
  • Dixie (character from “PeeWee's Playhouse”)
  • Dixie Kong (character from “Donkey Kong” video games)
  • Dixie McCall (character from “Emergency!”)
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