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Jameer is a modern, invented baby name. The name Jameer is also more modern although it does not have much popularity. Keep reading to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Jameer:

The baby name Jameer does not have a real meaning because it is invented.

Origin of the name Jameer:

Jameer is a name without a real origin since it is invented and there is no clear indication as to where or when the name originated from.

Symbolism of the name Jameer:

There is not much symbolism found in the baby name Jameer. This is because the name is invented. You may look to some of the names that Jameer possibly came from like “Jamal” as that name has a sweet connection to all-things beauty.

Style of the name Jameer:


Gender of the name Jameer:

Jameer is a baby name that is mainly used for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Jameer:


Number of syllables in the name Jameer:


Emotion evoked from the name Jameer:

Jameer is a baby name that feels bold yet beautiful at the same time.

Alternative spellings for the name Jameer:

  • Jamir

Nicknames for the name Jameer:

  • Jay
  • Meer

Popularity of the name Jameer:

Based on information from the Social Security Administration, Jameer has never made it on the list of the top 1000 popular baby names.

Related names for the name Jameer:

  • Tamir
  • Amir 
  • Emeer
  • Jabir
  • Namir

Great middle names for Jameer and their meanings:

  • Aiden (little and fiery)
  • Carter (transporter of goods by cart)
  • Cole (swarthy, coal black)
  • Miles (soldier; merciful)
  • Silas (wood, forest)
  • Malcom (devotee of St. Columba)
  • Jovani (God is gracious)
  • Dion (child of heaven and earth)

Famous people with the name Jameer:

  • Jameer Nelson (American basketball executive and former player)
  • Jameer Thurman (football player)

Jameers in movies/pop culture:

Jameer is not a well-known name found in use throughout movies, TV, music, and pop culture.

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