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Kandice has a sporty and spunk feel to it in modern times. In the past, however, the name was associated with regality, as the alternative spelling, Candace, was used for Ethiopian queens. Though a top 1,000 name for close to two decades in America, Kandice has not been on the list since 1992.

Meaning of the name Kandice:

Latin: queen mother

Origin of the name Kandice:

Kandice is a spelling variation of the baby name Candance. The latter was a family name used for queens in the country of Ethiopia as mentioned in the New Testament. The name came from the Cushitic word “kdke.” The Puritans popularized the use of this name in the Middle Ages due to the Protestant Reformation.

Symbolism of the name Kandice:

The baby name Kandice means “queen mother” because of the Cushitic word “kdke.” The name was used for the queens of the tribes of the Ethiopian people originally.

Baby name Kandice

Style of the name Kandice:


Gender of the name Kandice:

Kandice is a sporty and stylish baby name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Kandice:


Number of syllables in the name Kandice:


Emotion evoked from the name Kandice:

Kandice has a slightly sporty feel to it. Despite this tomboyish appeal, it still possesses spunk and a personality.

Alternative spellings for the name Kandice:

  • Kandace
  • Candace
  • Candice
  • Candis
  • Kandis 
  • Candyce
  • Kandyce

Nicknames for the name Kandice:

Popularity of the name Kandice:

Kandice was a top 1,000 name in America from 1975 to 1992. The name began in 1975 at rank 958, and in 1992, it was rank 920. In 1985, it ranked its highest at number 628.

Related names for the name Kandice:

Great middle names for Kandice and their meanings:

  • Octavia (eighth, born in the eighth month)
  • Aurora (dawn)
  • Eliora (God is my light)
  • Penelope (weaver)
  • Mirabelle (wonderful)
  • Dove (a bird symbolizing peace)
  • Adelina (noble)
  • Winona (firstborn daughter)

Famous people with the name Kandice:

Kandices in popular culture:

No fictional characters exist with the baby name Kandice.

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