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Melodie is a modern name that sees much of its popularity in French-speaking corners of the world, yet that does allow it to have a layer of uniqueness when used anywhere else. Despite its French sound and usage, Melodie actually has Greek origins. Keep reading to discover more about this elegant baby name.

Meaning of the name Melodie:

Greek for “song”.

Origin of the name Melodie:

The baby name Melodie is a variation of the name “Melody”, which first originated in America and England from the word “melody” that was used in music terminology. That term stems from Greek usage of the word “melōidia” which meant “a singing; a chanting; a tune for lyric poetry”.

Symbolism of the name Melodie:

Melodie comes from the Greek word “melōidia”, a word composed of two elements: melos (song) and aeido (to sing).

Style of the name Melodie:


Gender of the name Melodie:

Melodie is a girl's baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Melodie:


Number of syllables in the name Melodie:


Emotion evoked from the name Melodie:

Melodie has an airy, free-spirited, and welcoming feel to it.

Alternative spellings for the name Melodie:

Nicknames for the name Melodie:

  • Mel
  • Dee-Dee
  • Mellie
  • Mel Mel
  • Didi
  • Elodie 

Popularity of the name Melodie:

In accordance with the Social Security Index, the baby name Melodie saw its peak popularity in 1956 when it ranked #451.

Related names for the name Melodie:

Great middle names for Melodie and their meanings:

  • June (month name for the Latin goddess Juno)
  • Anne (grace)
  • Lynne (pretty)
  • Alexandra (defending men)
  • Eliza (pledged to God)
  • Lyric (lyre)
  • Rose (rose, a flower)
  • Grace (a virtue name for grace)
  • Monroe (mouth of the Roe river)

Famous people with the name Melodie:

  • Ms. (stage name of the late Ramona Parker, an American emcee)
  • Mélodie Monrose (Martinican model)
  • Mélodie Zhao (Swiss-born pianist)
  • Mélodie Chataigner (French former pair skater)
  • Melodie Crittenden (American country and Christian musician)
  • Mélodie Daoust (Canadian ice hockey player)
  • Melodie McDaniel (American photogpraher)

Melodies in movies/pop culture:

  • Melodie (from the American 2012 film “21 Jump Street”)
  • Melodie Richarme (character in the American film “Seeds of Yesterday”)
  • Melodie Klein (character in the American 1987-1991 drama TV series “Thirtysomething”)
  • Melodie(character in the 1942 film “The Courtship of Andy Hardy”)
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