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Todd is a beloved baby name for boys. Short and simple, the name has a reputable quality that makes it a regular choice for popular media. Todd Finch Packer is the name of a character on The Office series, and Todd James Rice is the name of a superhero in the DC Comics universe. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Todd:

Middle English: Fox

Origin of the name Todd:

Todd originates from the Middle English word todde (meaning “fox”).

Symbolism of the name Todd:

Todd originated as a surname in the northern dialect of Middle English. It derived from the word todde (meaning “fox”). Etymologists believe that it may have arisen as a surname for several possible reasons. It could have been a location-based surname for an area with a large fox population. The name could have also denoted a person with reddish-brown hair or “sly fox” characteristics. Finally, historians have also discovered an edict of Henry VIII that required wardens to pay a salary to fox hunters designated “Todhunter” and “Todman.” For this reason, many experts believe that the modern use of the surname arose directly from the Tudor period. Within British and Celtic culture, the fox is the archetype of the clever trickster.

Style of the name Todd:


Gender of the name Todd:

Todd is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Todd:


Number of syllables in the name Todd:


Emotion evoked from the name Todd:

The name Todd evokes feelings of intelligence and independence.

Alternative spellings for the name Todd:

Nicknames for the name Todd:

  • Toddie
  • Toddy

Popularity of the name Todd:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Todd was the 1,532nd most popular baby name for boys in 2021.

Related names for the name Todd:

Great middle names for Todd and their meanings:

  • Ambrose (immortal, undying, everlasting)
  • Brandon (prince, chief, raven, broom-covered hill)
  • Clinton (fenced settlement, hilltop town)
  • Duncan (dark warrior, fighter, king)
  • Farley (fern clearing)
  • Gerome (sacred name)
  • Gideon (sawyer, hewer, warrior, lumberjack)
  • Immanuel (God is with us)
  • Jagger (peddler, seller)
  • Oscar (spear of the gods)
  • Roderick (mighty ruler)
  • Westley (westward meadow)

Famous people with the name Todd:

  • Todd Anderson (rugby player)
  • Todd Wilson Agnew (musician and songwriter)
  • Todd Duncan Astle (cricketer)
  • Todd David Bentley (evangelist)
  • Todd Robert Bowles (football player and coach)
  • Todd Anthony Bridges (actor)
  • Todd Ruben Cruz (basketball player)
  • Todd Stuart Hunter (musician)
  • Todd Gerome Gurley (football player)
  • Todd Harry Rundgren (rock musician)
  • Todd Andrew Woodbridge (tennis player)
  • Todd Christopher Young (politician)

Todd in popular culture:

  • Todd (wraith in the Stargate Atlantis series)
  • Todd Alquist (character on the Breaking Bad series)
  • Dr. Todd Garrett (husband of Antoinette Marie “Toni” Childs in the Girlfriends series)
  • Todd Finch Packer (character on The Office series)
  • Todd James Rice (hero in the DC Comics universe)
  • Rev. Todd Tucker (character on the Soul Man series)
  • Todd Tyrannosaurus (protagonist of the Todd the Dinosaur series)
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