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Westley is an English variation of the name Wesley. The first character that comes to mind is Wesley Crusher, a character created for the Star Trek franchise and played by Will Wheaton. The character was so popular that he became a recurring theme of the television series, Big Bang Theory.

Meaning of the name Westley:

Westley means “(the resident of) the west meadow.”

Origin of the name Westley:

Old English: It comes from the Middle East west (west) and the word for meadow (ley).

Symbolism of the name Westley:

The name Westley refers to literally “west meadow” and makes you think of your little one running through tall grass and mud puddles.

Style of the name Westley:


Gender of the name Westley

Westley is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Westley:


Number of syllables in the name Westley:


Emotion evoked from the name Westley:

People with the name Westley are selfless and kind. They are big believers in giving to others instead of the usual greedy attitude in the world. It is sophisticated without being pretentious.

Alternative spellings for the name Westley:

  • Wesley 
  • Weslee
  • Weslei
  • Wesli
  • Wesleigh
  • Weslley
  • Wesly
  • Weslli

Nicknames for the name Westley:

Popularity of the name Westley:

The name Westley moved into the list of most popular names around 2016. It sounds more masculine than the name Leslie and has the cool nickname of West.

Related names for the name Westley:

Great middle names for Westley and their meanings:

  • Aaron (mountain of strength)
  • Brian (high, noble)
  • Dean (valley)
  • John (graced by God)
  • Jasper (supreme nurturer)
  • Luke (light-giving)
  • Owen (youthful, well-born)
  • Thomas (twin)

Famous people with the name Westley:

  • Westley Unseld (American professional basketball player)
  • Westley Gough (New Zealand racing cyclist)
  • Westley Alan Dodd (American serial killer)

Westleys in popular culture:

  • Westley – character hero in the movie The Princess Bride
  • Wesley– though the spelling is a little different, he is a famous American actor
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