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Trent is a strong surname that gained popularity as a first name throughout the 1950s. Prior to this, it was used as a surname even as early as the eighteenth century. The name has declined in the last couple of years, however, barely ranking on the top 1,000 list.

Meaning of the Name Trent

Trent originated as a surname in the Middle Ages in England. It was for families who lived in communities or homes among the Trent River. During the early to mid-twentieth century, Trent became a popular first name option.

Trent could mean “the flooder” too as the Trent River is one that is prone to flooding. This still relates the first name back to the original meaning that is “from the river Trent.”

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Nicknames for Trent

Trent is strong, simple, and rugged. It is associated with more of a southern culture and can be paired with a humble and caring nickname. If you're looking for a nickname for the Trent in your life, we've created a list of possible options to help get you inspired.

  • Tre
  • Trey 
  • Tren
  • Trento
  • Trenty
  • Trentie
  • Ren

Trent Name Details

Style: Traditional

Gender: Trent is traditionally considered to be a boys name.

Pronunciation: TREH-nt

Syllables: One

Alternative Spelling for Trent

  • Trente

Trent Name Popularity

The baby name Trent has been a strong choice for baby boys since the mid-twentieth century. In 1985 and from 1988 to 2007, it was actually a top 300 choice. Now in 2020, however, it is barely a top 1,000 choice at rank 938.

Great Middle Names for Trent and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Trent

  • Trent Edwards (NFL player)
  • Trent Franks (Arizona Congressman)
  • Trent Green (NFL player)
  • Trent Dilfer (NFL player)
  • Trent Kowalik (actor, “Finding Billy”)
  • Trent Tomlinson (country music singer)
  • Trent Willmon (country music singer)
  • Trent Easton (character from “Perfect Dark” video game)
  • Trent (character from “Magicians of Xanth”)
  • Trent Malloy (character from “Walker, Texas Ranger”)
  • Trent (character from “Lawn Dogs”)
  • Trent Ramsey (character from “The Way Way Back”)
  • Trent (character from “Total Drama”)
  • Trent (character from “Crazy Ex Girlfriend”)
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