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baby name Umi


Umi is a unique baby name with multicultural origins. If your family comes from Japan, Africa, Polynesia, or Arabic traditions, you can feel proud using this title. It is still relatively rare in America, only ranking on the top 12,000 list.

Meaning of the Name Umi

The baby name Umi is an international baby name for boys. In Africa, it is a word that means “life” that many parents use for their sons. In Japan, it directly translates to “sea or “ocean.” In the Polynesian cultures, Umi was the name of one of the most popular kings in mythological stories. Finally, in Arabic, Umi comes from the Arabic word “‘umm.”

The baby name Umi has a wide variety of meanings. In Africa and Japan, it directly translates to “life” and “sea” or “ocean” respectively. In Polynesian cultures, Umi means “king” because of its association with mythology. In Arabian cultures, Umi translates to “mother” like the word “‘umm.”

baby name Umi

Nicknames for Umi

Umi is unique and multicultural. It has a youthful feel and deserves a bright and captivating nickname. It may be difficult to create a nickname off such a short name like Umi, but that just gives you the opportunity to create your own. Until then, feel free to browse our list to get you inspired:

Umi Name Details

Style: Classical

Gender: Neutral

Pronunciation: OO-mee

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Umi

  • Umee
  • Umei
  • Umie
  • Umii
  • Oomee
  • Oomi
  • Oomei

Umi Name Popularity

Umi has no records on the Social Security Popularity Index and the top 1,000 list. As of 2021, it was at rank 11,840 for boys. This number put it on the top 12,000 list.

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Great Middle Names for Umi and Their Meanings

  • Kito (precious)
  • Camara (courtier to a king)
  • Abram (exalted father)
  • Obike (concerned family)
  • Nadir (opposite, precious)
  • Abdul (servant of the people)
  • Abdi (my servant, servant of Yahweh)
  • Kehlani (sea and sky)

Famous People Named Umi

  • Umi Zarin (Instagram star)
  • Umi Garrett (pianist)
  • Umi Ryuzaki (character from “Magic Knight Rayearth”)
  • Umi Sonoda (character from “Love Life! School Idol Project”)
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