Xian is a Chinese name for boys that actually originates from a surname composed of characters that cannot be created on a computer. Talk about a unique back story! While this name is traditionally male, plenty of parents choose it for girls today. There's also a magical twist to this name! Keep reading to uncover more about the name Xian.

Meaning of the name Xian:

Mandarin: A noble, classy man

Origin of the name Xian

Chinese. Xian is derived from a character-based surname of distinction that means noble and classy. In Taoism, Xian actually refers to a person or entity possessing either long life or immortality. In Chinese alchemy, Xian is the name for a person who seeks the elixir of life.

Style of the name Xian:


Gender of the name Xian:

Xian is a traditional male Chinese name.

Pronunciation of the name Xian:


Syllables in the name Xian:


Emotion evoked from the name Xian:

Xian evokes equal parts majesty and magic. While it is a very solid name, it has an air of whimsy that has helped it to become associated with powerful spiritual elements throughout the ages.

Alternative spellings for the name Xian:


Nicknames for the name Xian:

X, Xi, Z, Zee

Popularity of the name Xian:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Xian has failed to make the top 1,000 baby names during any year since 1900.

Related names for the name Xian:

Xhan, Shan, Shen

Great middle names for Xian and their meanings:

  • Chao (someone who forms his own journey)
  • Chen (someone with a great personality)
  • Clark (scribe)
  • Elliott (the Lord is my God)
  • Fai (beginning)
  • Foster (one who keeps the forest)
  • Kai (sea)
  • Li (plum tree)
  • Ned (guardian of the riches)
  • Quinn (wise)

Famous people with the name Xian:

  • Xian Dongme (2004 and 2008 Olympic Champion from China)
  • Xian Lim (Filipino actor and model)
  • Xian Mikol (American model and actress)
  • Xian Xinghai (composer)

Xian in movies/pop culture:

  • Xian Lang (character in Disney's “Mulan”)