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Baby name Yoselin


Yoselin is a classic baby name with a distinctive Spanish flair. Once a hallmark of Latin America, Yoselin became a top baby name during the early 21st century. Yoselin is the name of a character in the Halo series, and Yoselin “Yo-Jo” Joestar is also character in the Gravid Diaries series. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning of the Name Yoselin

Yoselin is the Spanish version of the name Jocelyn. The name Jocelyn originates from the French pronunciation of the Germanic term Gautzelin. This term referred to the Northern Germanic tribe called the Gauts. The Gauts were one of the major progenitors of the Swedes, and they inhabited Götaland. Alternatively, some etymologists believe that Jocelyn derives from the Celtic diminutive jodoc (meaning “chief” or “lord”).

This would make the name a cognate of the Germanic term gauzlin (which went on to produce the surnames Gozlin and Gosling). Either way, the Yoselin spelling is the most common variation in Latin America. Yoselin originates from the Germanic word Gautzelin (meaning “descendant of the Gauts”). In antiquity, the symbol of the Gauts was the Germanic rune.

Baby name Yoselin

Nicknames for Yoselin

The name Yoselin evokes feelings of determination and dignity. It may be a bit difficult to come up with a nickname based off of “Yoselin” alone. However, that just provides a great opportunity to create a nickname that's unique to their personality. We've compiled a list of possible options to help get you inspired.

  • Yose
  • Yosie
  • Lin
  • Linny
  • Yoss

Yoselin Name Details

Style: Classic

Gender: Yoselin is traditionally considered to be a girls name.

Pronunciation: YAHS-ə-lin

Syllables: Three

Alternative Spelling for Yoselin

Yoselin Name Popularity

According to the Social Security Administration index, Yoselin was the 1,508th most popular baby name for girls in 2020.

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  • Yosette
  • Yvonne
  • Yohanna
  • Yasmine 
  • Yvette
  • Yuliana 
  • Yasmeen
  • Yulia
  • Yosephina
  • Yoslina

Great Middle Names for Yoselin and Their Meanings

  • Abril (opening, fourth month)
  • Azucena (Madonna lily)
  • Cassie (excelling above men)
  • Dominique (of the Lord)
  • Ethelyn (noble lake)
  • Holly (evergreen shrub)
  • Kendra (royal power, chief hero, knowledge)
  • Lark (songbird)
  • Skye (sky, cloud)
  • Trisha (noble, patrician, upper class)
  • Ziva (bright, radiant, shining)

Famous People Named Yoselin

  • Yoselin Roxana Aquino Alba (footballer)
  • Yoselin Benitez Alfonso (biologist)
  • Yoselin Sánchez Espino (pageant titleholder)
  • Yoselin Vidal Hidalgo (artist)
  • Yoselin Lopez (track athlete)
  • Yoselin “Yoss” Pascazio (model)
  • Yoselin Gómez Reyes (pageant titleholder)
  • Yoselin Tamara (singer)
  • Yoselin Yahaira (makeup artist and entrepreneur)
  • Yoselin Zamora (television personality)
  • Yoselin (character in the Halo series)
  • Yoselin “Yo-Jo” Joestar (character in the Gravid Diaries series))
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