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The 5 Richest Schools In Kansas Will Blow You Away

Kansas City skyline by night, viewed from Penn Valley Park. Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri.

The 5 Richest Schools In Kansas Will Blow You Away

The State of Kansas has so many wonderful things to see and do. From fantastic educational offerings, arts, cultural experiences, and midwestern charm, these things and more make this land-locked state with corn fields galore, well worth a visit. Did you know that Kanasa is nicknamed the sunflower state? Sunflowers also happen to be the state flower, so that's rather fitting. Now that you've learned something, let's talk In terms of the educational offerings available in the state of Kansas. The richest schools in Kansas will blow you away. Compared to other States, Kansas schools are pretty affordable. There are also lots of financial aid and scholarship options that can absolutely help with the cost of attendance. From primary school through college education, access to top-notch academic centers should not depend on the price tag. Let’s take a closer look at what kinds of things these educational centers have to offer their students that makes those tuition rates so high. 

In this post, we’ll look in depth at the richest schools in Kansas. You’ll get an idea of what resources they have to offer their students, as well as how they are financially able to be supportive. The plus side of some of these more expensive institutions is that they do have the financial resources of endowment funds, donors, and the price of tuition. With these resources, a lot of students in attendance qualify for some form of financial aid and other funding. Keep on reading to learn more about the richest schools in Kansas.

Primary And High Schools In Kansas

These primary, middle, and high school options in the state of Kansas range between $13k-$27k for tuition costs. Financial aid and scholarship opportunities will be outlined in the following list.

Horizon Academy

4901 Reinhardt Drive, Mission, KS 66205

The Horizon Academy is a specialized private school that's equipped to help students in grades 1st-12th with learning around their language-based learning delays or disabilities. Horizons offers numerous methods for academic, emotional, and growth support to students who are a part of its programming. With a dedicated team of high-trained teachers, mentors, and educators, Horizon has streamlined its curriculum to include features like sensory mathematics, structured intervention, and communication methods better suited to this type of student body. Tuition to attend costs around $27k, but according to Horizon's scholarships and financial assistance page, there are numerous financial aid awards, and scholarships throughout the school year. In some cases, tuition may be tax deductible. Especially if the child in question needs this kind of schooling specifically to be able to attend school at all.

Maur Hill-Mount Academy

1000 Green Street, Atchison, KS 66002

Maur Hill-Mount Academy is a Catholic boarding, day, and college preparatory school. Based in Atchinson, Kansas, this academic community includes both in-state and out-of-state students, as well as international students. There are around 200 students in 9th-12th grade currently enrolled at Maur Hill-Mount Academy. Maur Hill-Mount offers courses of all kinds in levels including honors, and AP. Elective courses include art, coding, film, graphic design, music, band, theater, photography, and more. Student clubs are a staple of Maur Hill-Mount's student community. These clubs include a broadcasting club, cooking club, powerlifting club, robotics, mock trial, forensics club, fine arts club, and numerous others. Athletics at Maur Hill-Mount are seasonal and offered to both girls and boys within the student body. Tuition for boarding students is $41,150 for international applicants and $32,500 for U.S. students. Day students pay $7,250 to attend Maur Hill-Mount Academy, one of the richest schools in Kansas.

Bishop Seabury Academy

4120 Clinton Pkwy, Lawrence, KS 66047

Bishop Seabury Academy is a college preparatory private school open to grades 6th-12th. This school values service and leadership, character development, and adheres to a curriculum of excellence in academics. The core subjects include creative arts, language studies, English, mathematics, and the sciences (biological, physical, social, etc.) Check out their most up-to-date curriculum guide here. The fall athletics at Bishop Seabury include soccer, volleyball, and cross country. Other sports are offered seasonally. Student clubs feature opportunities for student engagement. Check out their Youth Coding League, art club, forensics club, Magic Trick Club, Model UN, or Theater Club. The list goes on! Tuition to attend Bishop Seabury Academy falls at $16,360. This doesn't include the cost of meal plans. Financial assistance is available in the form of financial awards, aid packages, and payment plans.

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Private schools in Kansas may be expensive but they're actually affordable relative to other States!

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Trinity Academy

12345 E 21st St N, Wichita, KS 67206

The Trinity Academy of Wichita, Kansas, is a Christian college preparatory school. There are currently around 320 students enrolled in Trinity's kindergarten through 8th-grade schools, and another close to 300 enrolled at the high school level. This puts the total enrollment for the Trinity community at around 600 students. Courses are taught by dedicated and experienced professors, 67%of which hold a higher education degree in their chosen field. The class sizes are small, with an average student-teacher ratio of 13:1. The curriculum combines faith-based practices with modern education standards for learning. Check out their academics page to learn more about the specifics of each school's coursework.

Sporting opportunities for the “Trinity Knights” are also based on the school and grade. Junior Knights athletics include soccer and club football. Middle school athletics have basketball, bowling, cross country, track & field, volleyball, and cheerleading. And finally, high school sports feature the added options of baseball, powerlifting, swimming softball, tennis, and wrestling. Let's go Knights!

Tuition costs for kindergarten through 2nd grade clock in at $9,300. 3rd-5th grade goes up $500, totaling $9,700, and 6th-8th costs $10,600. The high school costs $13,300 to attend between the grades of 9th-12th. Financial aid is available upon application. Trinity gives more than $700k to students that express financial aid. The average aid gift covers just below 50% of the tuition cost of attendance.

Colleges And Universities In Kansas

The following colleges and universities in Kansas fall within the $20-$40k range. These costs can be alleviated by the financial aid offered through well-endowed programs and scholarship options. Read on to see what these institutions can provide their students with access to quality education in Kansas.

Southwestern College

100 N College St, Winfield, KS 67156

Southwestern College is a four-year private college that gives out undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Founded in 1885, the college is made up of some 82 acres of land, with 20 buildings for learning, creativity, and community-building activities. Classes are small with around 43 faculty members and a student-teacher ratio of 11:1. They offer more than 40 major pathways for undergraduates, as well as numerous minors, and three major areas for graduate degrees. These include a MED in Education, an EdD in Education, and an MBA in Business. Athletics at Southwestern College features both men's and women's teams. Check out their baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, track & field, softball, volleyball, dance, flag football, and co-ed cheerleading teams. Student organizations and extracurriculars include the radio team, musical instrument and vocal training, digital media, theater club, and an honors program. But how much does it cost to be a part of so many great communities?

Tuition for full-time undergraduates will cost $19,165, while online schooling costs $3,900. Graduate students living on-campus pay around $7,902, and online graduate students pay $7,200. There is a military discount for all degrees offered at Southwestern College. In terms of financial aid, Southwestern College gives out around $4.5 million dollars to help mitigate the cost of attendance. There are payment plans, and financial aid packages available, as well as a lot of scholarship opportunities. Check out their full description of scholarship and grant listings, here.

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Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, offers a huge discount on tuition for online students.

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