Halloween Party Ideas

The Twilight Zone of Tween

Tweens are a difficult category when it comes to thinking up cool Halloween party ideas. They have rejected anything that in the slightest will connect them with baby or kid stuff,  but are not ready for a hard core Halloween fright night. There are, however lots of things that will please these wanna be grown ups yet not induce night mares, nor will it require them to mix with the cootie infested members of the opposite sex.

Hanna Montana or Zack and Cody: The Olsen Twins might be old news but there thanks to them there is likely to always be a fresh crop of television and movie starlets aimed at your pre-teen kids. A few of the brightest stars on the tween horizon are Hannah Montana, or Zack and Cody from the Disney Channel. With the plots of these shows involving quick costume changes, divas, hotel guests and secret identities there is plenty of Halloween party material.

If these ideas don't appeal to your kids try these other ideas: A Goonies themed party. Take a nostalgic trip, most of your kids and their friends will not be familiar with this movie, but with the 80s now being the hot decade it is sure to please. A gross out party is always a Halloween favorite. Take a tip from Fear Factor and create your own ghoulishly disgusting party. If you are more in the mood for heroics with just a touch of the grotesque, then an Indiana Jones themed party is just the ticket. Mummies, snakes and hidden treasure; what could be more halloweenish than that?

Teen Halloween Party Ideas

Teens can be the easiest group to host a party for. The two tricks are appropriate chaperonage, discreet for your kids yet ever present for your peace of mind, and the all important theme. Once your child adjusts to the idea of chaperones and a theme is chosen all you really need to do is sit back and offer a bit of advice and perhaps to bankroll the goodies. A few ideas to get the ball rolling on your teenager's Halloween party are:

Host a murder mystery dinner party. This is fun, and if you buy the box set is very easy to set up all you need to do is follow the instructions. But you can do it yourself if you don't want to buy an expensive deluxe set. There are several sites that litter the net that offer murder mystery scripts and ideas on how to host successfully. Just send your teen and his or her friends online. They should return with a plethora of ideas that they will love and all you have to do is be sure the internet connection is in good working order.

Clue: In this world of all things old becoming new again a Clue party might be the perfect solution. It is similar to a murder mystery dinner, but for those teens who don't like the idea of dressing up or acting a part, it is much cooler idea.

Most teens think they are rock stars, and for parents rock stars are scary enough without the addition of haunting or Halloween. This is a great party theme. Games can be lip syncs, the actual video game rock star or air guitar contests. But it is not really up to you. If your teens like the idea of a rock party they can come up with the entertainment ideas and menu all on their own.

Hollywood is always a fun idea for party themes; why not host a haunted Oscar party? The only rule is that the teens come dressed as a Hollywood legend that is deceased. This can be a very ghoulish party if you want to add the bloody rotten skin effects of famous corpses, or forgo the gore and simply assume the persona of a star whose flame has been snuffed.

These are just a very few Halloween party ideas that can be tapped for safe and clean Halloween fun. Let your imagination go wild! You could create a haunted mansion or school of magic. The possibilities are endless, so be creative and have a very happy and fun Halloween!



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