Kids Crafts & Activities

Kids Crafts

Kids love to make crafts. Glue, scissors, paper and paint give them the tools to make creations distinctly their own. Perfect for rainy days or for encouraging your child's creativity the crafts and activities we have for your children will bring out their inner artist, architect, and designer.

Doing crafts and activities with your child is also the perfect way to spend time with them one on one. Children need their parents participation in their lives, making crafts and doing fun activities is a great way to create a lifetime of memories for you and your children.


Crafts for Kids

Easy Craft Ideas

Paper Tape and Crayon Crafts

Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

More Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

Easy Crafts With Old Clothes

More Easy Crafts With Old Clothes

Even More Easy Crafts With Old Clothes

Easy Kitchen Craft Ideas

More Easy Kitchen Craft Ideas

Even More Easy Kitchen Craft Ideas

Popsicle Stick Art

Crafts Ideas From Nature

Bird Craft Ideas

Easy Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

More Nature Craft Ideas

Macaroni Jewelry Crafts

Crafts with Recycled Materials

More Crafts with Recycled Materials

Even More Recycling Crafts

Preschool Crafts

Arts and Crafts for Kids


Activities for Kids

Outdoors Activities for Kids

Nature Themed Scavenger Hunt

Inside Fun to Cure Bordedom

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Easy Fun on Rainy Days

Preventing Boredom with Car Games

Summer Activities for Kids

Unlocking History for Kids

Save the Earth Kids Activities

How to Teach Your Kids About Money

Classic Outside Games That Never Get Old

Having Fun With Your 1 to 2 year old

Fun For 2 to 3 year olds

Having Fun with Your Preschooler

Fun Things to Do for Kindergartners

Fun For 5 to 6 Year Olds

Color Activities That Teach

Teaching Kids Critical Thinking

Counting Games For Kids Make Numbers Fun

Activities to Encourage Creativity

Activities to Teach Fine Motor Skills

Activities to Promote Imagination For Kids

Activities to Help Kids Listen

Activities That Teach Sensory Development

Kids Activities That Teach Social Graces

Kids Activities That Teach Reading

Activities to Teach the Solar System

Activities That Teach Geography

Activities That Teach Telling Time

Preschool Activities

Gardening With Kids


How to Make Things

How to Make Clay

How to Make Slime

How to Make a Kite

How to Make Boxes

How to Make Origami

How to Make Puppets

How to Make Crystals

How to Make a Volcano

How to Make Ice Cream

How to Make Rock Candy

How to Make Paper Mache

How to Make a Family Tree

How to Make a Paper Airplane

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet


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Flowers Coloring Pages

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Kids Coloring Pages

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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Valentine Coloring Pages


   Thanksgiving Sides

Thanksgiving Sides

From stuffing to potatoes and dozens of other mouth-watering sides, we've got the recipes for the perfect Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Sides

25 Days of Christmas

25 Days of Christmas

Celebrate 25 Days of Christmas with activities every day from December 1st until Christmas Day!

25 Days of Christmas Activities

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