The 10 Top-Rated Kids’ Toys At Target Today

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The 10 Top-Rated Kids’ Toys At Target Today

Target is one of the best places to walk the aisles and find great deals. The Toy aisle alone will keep you excited, no matter your age, or what you’re looking for. The top-rated kids' toys at Target include best-sellers along the lines of Hot Wheels, Squishmallows, LEGO kits, and more. You can count on the Target ratings to give you a good idea of what’s most popular in the market for children’s toys. So read on as we delve into the top-rated kids' toys at Target today.

In this post, we’ll do a deep dive into the specs, offerings, and value of the top-rated kids' toys at Target today. Learn more about what makes these top-rated toys so popular, and decide for yourself what may be interesting to the kiddos in your life. Whether you’ve got a young builder on your hands, or you’re looking for something more cuddly, Target has some great toy options.

1. Hot Wheels City Transforming T-Rex Hauler

This incredible Hot Wheels City Transformer transports 20+ of Target's top-rated Hot Wheel cars ($1.29 per car). This T-Rex-shaped Hot Wheels Hauler has the ability to stomp at the pull of its tail. it also features flashing lights, sounds, and a two-lane racing track. Cars can compete to come out of either end of this fantastical Dino-themed car toy. It comes with 2 Hot Wheel cars and costs $69.99 with a five-star rating on the Target website.

2. MGA's Miniverse – Make It Mini Lifestyle Home

If anything can be said of popular toys these days, it's that “mini” is absolutely in. This MGA Series 1 Mini Collectibles Set features mini plants, birdhouses, bouquets, and other unique mini items. Create decorations, and combine minis with the handy resin packets. Simply place them in UV light to cure them. This set is among 100+ Make It Mini Home Series 1 items so you can create your miniverse. This toy is recommended for ages 8+, with individual sets costing $6.99.

3. Barbie Dreamhouse Pool Party Doll House

For another toy that inspires universe-creation and imagination, check out this 75+ piece Barbie Dreamhouse. This 360º open playhouse has a three-story spiral slide, a pet palace, a fully functional house, an elevator, a balcony, a bathroom, bedrooms, a kitchen, and all the other necessary rooms. There are working lights, appliance sounds, a pull-out bed, and other unique amenities. While this set doesn't come with any Barbie dolls, it does come with a puppy dog. Great for ages 3+, this set will cost you $179.99, but it is among the top-rated kids' toys at Target today.

4. Squishville by Squishmallows Vacation Squad

Another popular toy trend is the cuddliest of Squishmallows. This Target Exclusive 10 pack called the “Vacation Squad” comes with all kinds of characters. Meet Matt the Manatee, or Cody the Flamingo, there's an Octopus, Whale, Seahorse, and multiple cute fruit options too! They're not only devastatingly cute but soft, friendly, and affordable as well. With 5 stars on the website, this toy set costs $29.99.

Fox squishmallow in the grass
There are all kinds of unique squishmallow characters you can collect, some exclusively at Target.

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5. Squishmallows Bluey Hugmees

For a larger Squishmallow option, check out the popular children's show character of Bluey in a full 10” Medium Plush. Made with high-quality materials, it's soft, lovable, and easy to clean. Adopting a Bluey Squishmallow from the Target toy aisle will cost you $9.99.

6. Bluey Figure & Accessory Beach Multipack

For another Bluey toy from Target, check out the Bluey Figure & Accessory Beach Multipack. It comes with six toy figurines from the classic children's show, plus 15 beach-toy accessories for assembly. These are among many Bluey figurine sets, that can be used in tandem with one another. Build all kinds of Bluey worlds and have fun with your favorite characters. It costs $29.99 online and in-store.

7. Don't Break The Ice Game

Switching gears slightly, these games are still among the top-rated kids' toys at Target. Check out the Don't Break The Ice Game, where kids ages 3+ can help Phillip the penguin create his igloo without falling through the ice. Too many wrong moves and all the blocks will begin to fall! This is a great game for the whole family, and the set comes with an ice tray frame and legs, one ice block, 32 smaller ice blocks, one Phillip the Penguin figurine, and two mallets. This game costs $13.79, and some assembly is required.

8. Bananagrams Game

Enjoy a classic game of Bananagrams, which is a great option for any up-and-coming spellers. With 144 letter tiles, the whole family can race to form whatever words you can find. Easily transportable, and fun to play, Bananagrams is among the top-rated kids' toys at Target, and costs $15.99.

alphabets on wooden cubes as a background
Word games like Bananagrams are a great way to spend time as a family.

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9. Bitzee Interactive Digital Pet

The Bitzee Interactive Digital Pet is a really unique item among the top-rated kids' toys at Target today. With 4.75 stars on the website, this interactive pet needs to be fed, cared for, and nurtured. You can collect 15 pets including a cat, bunny, and even a unicorn. They can be rocked to sleep, cleaned, and touched through the screen. Play games and collect treats to attract more Bitzee animals. For $29.99 this is objectively much easier than adopting a real-life cat, dog, bunny, or unicorn. Needs double A batteries.

10. LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Retro Roller Skate Toy

For any young builders out there, LEGO has been killing the game. Check out this 3-in-1 Retro Roller Skate Toy. Try your hand at three different iconic 80's items, a roller skate, a boom box, or a skateboard toy. There are movable parts, decorative wheels, and hours of fun guaranteed. This particular set contains 342 pieces and costs $29.99. Check out these other unique LEGO sets like these buildable daffodils ($14.99), or a succulent plant set ($41.99). LEGO also sells other 3-in-1 combinable sets.

Lego mini figures
LEGO has all kinds of fun sets that feature 3-In-1 buildable options to let the imagination soar.

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