Your Child's Education

educationhubChildren need support throughout all of the stages of their education, from preschool to grade school and beyond. If you decide to homeschool, you'll need extra tools and resources available to help you.

We've put together resources to help with all ages and stages in the education process. Learn what to expect at different math levels, how you can help your preschool child get ready to learn, how to decide if homeschool is right for you and more. Being a part of your child's education is a valuable gift both they and you will benefit from all through life.


Keys to Reading

List of Verbs

List of Pronouns

List of Prepositions

List of Nouns

List of Adverbs

List Of Adjectives

Rhyming Words

Raising Kids Who Love to Read

Reading Comprehension

Learn to Read

Guided Reading


Math & Science


First Grade Math

2nd Grade Math

3rd Grade Math

4th Grade Math

5th Grade Math

6th Grade Math

Multiplication Chart

Science Experiments

Science For Kids

Science Projects


Preschool & Kindergarten

Should Your Child Go to Preschool

What Preschoolers Should Learn

Learning Colors

Preschool Games

Alphabet Letters

Learning Numbers

Playdough Recipe

Preschool Activities

Preschool Lesson Plans

Overcoming Separation Anxiety

Prepare for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Curriculum Guide


Elementary Through College

Elementary Homework Help

Success in Middle School

Preparing for Middle School

Keeping Teens Organized

Teaching Teens Life Skills

The Facts About High School Hazing

When Your Child Leaves for College

Preparing Your Child for College


School Day Nutrition

Best Food for School

Picking A Healthy Cafeteria Lunch

School Day Breakfast Ideas


Tips for Sucessful School Years

From Night Owl to Early Bird

More Homework Tips

Strategies for School Success

Stop Struggling in School

Private vs Public School

Help Your Child Beat Test Anxiety






Classic Crock Pot Recipes