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Alena is the German, Czech, Belarusian, and Slavic form of the Helen. It means “light, torch” or “moon”. Alena has been popular since the 1980s and its popularity continues to rise as of 2020. Alena is a nice twist on vintage classics Helen and Elena.

Meaning of the name Alena:

German, Czech, Belarusian, and Slavic: light, torch, moon

Origin of the name Alena:

Alena is a baby girl’s name of German, Czech, Belarusian, and Slavic origin. Alena comes from the Greek name Helen which means either “light, torch” or “moon”.

Symbolism of the name Alena:

Alena is associated with light and the moon. Light is a common symbol of protection, healing, inspiration, creativity, and brilliance. The moon is often associated with feminine power, strong emotions, and healing.

Style of the name Alena:


Gender of the name Alena:

Alena is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Alena:

A-leh-na (Czech, Slovak)

Number of syllables in the name Alena:


Emotion evoked from the name Alena:

Alena evokes feelings of beauty and inner strength.

Alternative spellings for the name Alena:

Aleena, Elena, Alina, Elina, Alyna, Elyna, Aleina

Nicknames for the name Alena:

Popularity of the name Alena:

According to the Social Security Administration, Alena is a popular baby girl’s name. Alena has been in the top 1000 baby names list since 1980. It peaked at #596 in 2015.

Related names for the name Alena:

Great middle names for the name Alena and their meanings:

  • Serena (tranquil, serene)
  • Natalia (birthday)
  • Hyacinth (blue larkspur, precious stone)
  • Remi (oarsman)
  • Sylvie (from the forest)
  • Miriam (drop of the sea, bitter, beloved)
  • Caroline (free man)
  • Emily (rival)

Famous people with the name Alena:

  • Alena Popchanka (Belarusian-French Olympic swimmer)
  • Alena Seredova (Czech actress and model)
  • Alena Vrzanova (Czech figure skater)
  • Alena Polenska (Czech ice hockey player)
  • Alena Igorevna Zavarzina (Russian snowboarder)

Alena in popular culture:

  • Tsarevna Alena (video game, “Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen”)
  • Alena (television, “Encantadia”)
  • Alena (television, “Heroes”)
  • Alena (comics, “Gold Digger”)
  • Teresa Alena (video games, “BattleTech”)
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