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Ammon is a baby boy’s name of Irish, Greek, and Egyptian origin. Ammon means “wealthy protector” and is the Irish form of Edmond. Ammon means “the hidden one” in Greek and Egyptian and comes from the name of the Egyptian god of air, creativity, and fertility, Amon, later known as Amon-Ra.

Meaning of the name Ammon:

Irish: wealthy protector
Greek, Egyptian: the hidden one

Origin of the name Ammon:

Ammon is a baby boy’s name of Irish, Greek, and Egyptian origin. Ammon is the Irish form of the name Edmond and means “wealthy protector”. Ammon is also the Greek form of the ancient Egyptian name Amon and means “the hidden one”. Amon was the Egyptian deity of air, creativity, and fertility. Later Amon was coupled with the chief deity Ra and ruled as one entity.

Symbolism of the name Ammon:

Ammon evokes feelings of strength and honor.

Style of the name Ammon:


Gender of the name Ammon:

Ammon is a boy's baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Ammon:


Number of syllables in the name Ammon:


Emotion evoked from the name Ammon:

Ammon evokes feelings of pride and honor.

Alternative spellings for the name Ammon:

Amun, Amon, Aemmon, Aemon, Aeman, Amman, Ammen, Amen

Nicknames for the name Ammon:

  • Am
  • Mon
  • Mony
  • Amie

Popularity of the name Ammon:

According to the Social Security Administration, Ammon is a popular baby boy’s name. Ammon has appeared in the top 1000 names in two years, 1900 and 1901. It peaked at #744.

Related names for the name Ammon:

Great middle names for the name Ammon and their meanings:

  • Soren (stern)
  • Kai (sea)
  • Orion (legendary hunter)
  • Amias (loved)
  • Malik (king)
  • Zane (God is gracious)
  • Knox (round hill)
  • Tariq (the one who knocks at the door)

Famous people with the name Ammon:

  • Ammon Michael Costa (son of Ashly DelGrosso & Mike Costa)
  • Ammon Hennacy (American pacifist and activist)
  • Ammon Wrigley (English poet)
  • Ammon (bishop of Elearchia c. 4th-5th century)
  • Ammon (bishop of Hadrianopolis c. 400 AD)

Ammon in popular culture:

  • Ammon (ancient Canaanite nation)
  • Ammon (two separate figures from the Mormon Bible)
  • Ammon (video game, “Soulcalibur” series)
  • Ammon (film, “Clash of the Titans”)
  • Ammon (ancient Roman mathematician)
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