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Guadalupe is a gorgeous traditional baby name. Rich in history and culture, this name exhibits unrivaled depth in its full form and produces delightful nicknames to suit any preference. Well-respected for centuries, this name also fits seamlessly into modern society. Guadalupe is a character in the Love and Rockets comic book series, and Guadalupe Zambrano Santos is titular protagonist of the famous telenovela. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Guadalupe:

Guadalupe is a traditional Spanish place name with two possible origins. The first proposed origin is from the Arabic phrase wad-al-lubb (meaning “hidden river”). This phrase referred to the river's trait of narrowing as it flowed down from its source mountain range (known as Sierra de Villuercas). The name is Arabic due to the Moorish influence in the region. Alternatively, Guadalupe may also originate from the Latin word lupus (meaning “wolf”) and the Arabic loan word wadi (meaning “valley”). Based on this etymology, the name means “valley of the wolf”.

Nicknames for the Name Guadalupe:

As a longer name, Guadalupe can be shortened in a variety of ways. Many of these names fit either a boy or a girl, while some are more feminine or masculine. Any of these names would be a great pick for a nickname for Guadalupe:

Symbolism of the Name Guadalupe:

Guadalupe is a Spanish name that means “hidden river” or “valley of the wolves”. It is the topographical name of a river located near Sierra de Villuercas, and it is also the name of a historic town in the same region. This locality is also home to a monastery dedicated to Santa María de Guadalupe. According to legend, religious leaders built this monastery after a shepherd discovered a statue of Mary near the bank of the Guadalupe River. Since most believed that local inhabitants hid the statue from Moorish invaders centuries earlier, the municipality dedicated the new monastery to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her symbol is the sedes sapientiae (“throne of wisdom”).

In addition to its significance in Spain, Guadalupe is also a popular name in Mexico and Latin America. Some historians attribute this popularity to the impact of religious conversion. Following the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, translators conflated Guadalupe with the Aztec goddess Coatlaxopeuh. Since the name of this goddess meant “woman who conquered the snake”, the narrative overlapped nicely with the symbolism of Mary defeating the evil serpent from the Garden of Eden. Devotees eventually built a dedicated basilica to Guadalupe in Mexico City, and it is now the most-visited Catholic shrine in the world.

Style of the Name Guadalupe:


Gender of the Name Guadalupe:

Guadalupe is a great name for both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the Name Guadalupe:


Number of Syllables in the Name Guadalupe:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Guadalupe:

The name Guadalupe evokes feelings of divine inspiration and devotion.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Guadalupe:

  • Guadaloupe
  • Guadelupe

Popularity of the Name Guadalupe:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Guadalupe is not on the top 1,000 names list for boys or girls in the United States. It was last on the girls' list in 2020, and the boys' list in 2006.

Great Middle Names for Guadalupe and Their Meanings:

  • Angel (heavenly messenger)
  • Clara (clear, bright, famous)
  • Consuela (consolation)
  • Damaris (girl, calf, gentle one)
  • Felice (happy, lucky, successful)
  • Ilaria (cheerful, merry, happy)
  • Maite (love)
  • Milagros (miracles)
  • Pilar (pillar)
  • Sofia (wisdom)
  • Thelma (will, volition)
  • Zayda (increase)

Famous People with the Name Guadalupe:

  • Guadalupe (character in the Love and Rockets comic book series)
  • Guadalupe Zambrano Santos (titular protagonist of the telenovela Guadalupe)
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