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Ilene is a lovely first name for girls. Classy and refined, this name is poised for a revival in the 21st century. Ilene Markham was a recurring character on Home Improvement, and Ilene is also the name of a charming community in Indiana. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning and Origin of the name Ilene:

Ilene is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning “little bird,” “island bird,” or “desired.”

Ilene is a unique baby name with several possible origins. The first etymology is that Ilene is an alternative spelling of Eileen. This name is the anglicized version of the Old Irish name Eibhlín. The name Eibhlín is the Irish translation of Aveline. While scholars continue to debate the origin of Aveline, many believe that it derives from the Germanic element avi (meaning “desired” or “island”) or the Latin word avis (meaning “bird”).

Additionally, some scholars believe that the names Ilene, Eileen, and Aileen derive directly from the Irish Gaelic names Éibhleann and Aibhilín. Both names come from the Old Irish root óiph (meaning “pleasantness” or “radiant beauty”). A third explanation is that Ilene is simply the Irish version of the name Helen. This name derives from the Greek element ēlē (meaning “bright light,” “torch,” or “moon”).

Symbolism of the name Ilene:

Ilene is a classic baby name that many scholars believe originated from the Old Irish name Eibhlín. The name achieved nationwide fame through the ballad “Eibhlín a Rúin.” According to Irish folklore, a local balladeer composed the poem to woo a beautiful bride away from her betrothal to another man. Interestingly, this story parallels the Greek tale of Helen of Troy, and Helen is another possible origin of the name Ilene. The symbol for the Irish name Eibhlín is the harp used to capture the love interest of the bride.

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Nicknames for the name Ilene:

Ilene is a cute spelling variation of the name Eileen. If you are looking for a cute nickname to pair with Ilene, then we have a great list for you. We gathered the nicknames for Ilene in the list below to make finding the perfect nickname easier.

Style of the name Ilene:


Gender of the name Ilene:

Ilene is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Ilene:


Number of syllables in the name Ilene:


Emotion evoked from the name Ilene:

The name Ilene evokes feelings of elation and enlightenment.

Alternative spellings for the name Ilene:

  • Ileane
  • Ileen
  • Ilean
  • Ileene
  • Ilena
  • Eileen 
  • Aileen

Popularity of the name Ilene:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Ilene was the 900th most popular baby name for girls in 1968.

Great middle names for Ilene and their meanings:

  • Allegra (cheerful, lively)
  • Brisa (breeze, wind, angel)
  • Ceridwen (fair, blessed)
  • Freda (peace)
  • Grace (charm, goodness, generosity)
  • Heather (evergreen flowering plant)
  • Leonie (lioness)
  • Melania (dark)
  • Nicole (victory of the people)
  • Oakley (oak tree clearing)
  • Rue (friend)
  • Zalia (reserved, consecrated, royalty)

Famous people with the name Ilene:

  • Ilene Adler (public relations executive)
  • Ilene Beckerman (memoir writer)
  • Ilene Berns (music producer)
  • Ilene Chaiken (television producer)
  • Ilene Cooper (novelist)
  • Ilene Susan Graff (actress)
  • Ilene Hamann (model)
  • Ilene Godofsky Moreno (cookbook author)
  • Ilene Prusher (journalist)
  • Ilene Kristen Schatz (actress)
  • Ilene, Indiana (incorporated community in Greene County, Indiana)
  • Ilene Markham (character on Home Improvement)
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