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Iliana is a baby girl’s name of Greek and Bulgarian origin that means “from Ilium or Troy” and “my God is Yahweh” respectively. Iliana has been popular since the mid 1980s and shows no sign of dropping out of the top 1000 baby names any time soon.

Meaning of the name Iliana:

Greek: from Ilium or Troy
Bulgarian: my God is Yahweh

Origin of the name Iliana:

Iliana is a baby girl’s name of Greek and Bulgarian origin. In Greek, Iliana means “from Ilium or Troy”. In Bulgarian, Iliana is the feminine form of Ilaya and means “my God is Yahweh”. It is derived from the Hebrew name Elijah.

Symbolism of the name Iliana:

Troy, or Ilium, was an ancient city located in what is present day Turkey. Troy featured in both the “Iliad” and the “Odyssey”. It was a powerful kingdom that was destroyed by the Trojans during the Trojan War.

Style of the name Iliana:


Gender of the name Iliana:

Iliana is a girl's baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Iliana:


Number of syllables in the name Iliana:


Emotion evoked from the name Iliana:

Iliana evokes feelings of beauty and grace.

Alternative spellings for the name Iliana:

Ilyana, Eliana, Elyana

Nicknames for the name Iliana:

Popularity of the name Iliana:

According to the Social Security Administration, Iliana is a popular baby girl’s name. Iliana has been in the top 1000 baby names since 1986. It peaked at #656 in 2007.

Related names for the name Iliana:

Great middle names for the name Iliana and their meanings:

  • Aster (star)
  • Bryony (to sprout)
  • Clio (glory)
  • Circe (bird)
  • Lilith (ghost, night monster)
  • Ruby (red precious stone)
  • Sage (wise one, herb)
  • Margot (pearl)

Famous people with the name Iliana:

  • Iliana Malinova Iotova (Bulgarian politician)
  • Iliana Jan Fox (Mexican actress)
  • Iliana Raeva Sirakova (Bulgarian gymnast)
  • Iliana Naidenova Ivanova (Bulgarian judiciary)
  • Iliana Calabró (Argentinian actress)

Iliana in popular culture:

  • Iliana Ghemor (television, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”)
  • Iliana Nikolievna Rasputina aka Magik (media, “X-Men” franchise)
  • Iliana Langerak (video games, “The Sims 3”)
  • Iliana Dominick (literature, “Night World” series by L. J. Smith)
  • Iliana Afrasam (video games, “Divinity”)
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