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Threw babies with a dog inside the umbrella on the day of a storm of rain.


In America, the most famous Kacey is probably country music singer Kacey Musgraves. The name Kacey, with all of its different spellings, is quite common in the United States. It is also extremely popular in Ireland.

Meaning and Origin of the name Kacey

Kacey is a wonderful name for both boys and girls. It is of Irish origin and means  “vigilant” or “watchful.”

Kacey is a spelling variation of the baby name Casey. It is derived from the Gaelic word cathasaigh (meaning “vigilant” or “watchful”).

Symbolism of the name Kacey

Kacey is idealistic, intuitive, and versatile. She tends to go extreme in health, fortune, and spirituality either enjoying fantastic success or horrible misery. She uses her leadership abilities to help humanity, not for her own self-gain. She is independent, bold, and enjoys doing research.

Nicknames for the name Kacey

Kacey is one of those names that seems to have an endless list of nicknames. Since Kacey is a name for boys and girls, some of the nicknames may seem to lean towards one gender over the other. The list below has nicknames that are perfect for your baby. There are some classic nicknames as well as some fun nicknames.

  • Kay 
  • Kase 
  • Kk
  • KC
  • Kiki
  • Kiwi
  • Kit Kat
  • Crayola
  • Kass
  • Kassie
  • Ace 
  • CC

Style of the name Kacey

New age

Gender of the name Kacey

Kacey is a name for boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the name Kacey


Number of syllables in the name Kacey


Emotion evoked from the name Kacey

Kacey has a strong desire to inspire others. She is giving, courageous, and energetic. She is also strong-willed. She genuinely wants to make a difference in the world.

Alternative spellings for the name Kacey

Popularity of the name Kacey

Kacey hit the SSA popularity charts starting in 1975. In 1878, the popularity more than doubled. It kept rising steadily year after year, getting to its highest point in 1991. It stayed steady until around 1998 and then started to lower gradually up through 2001.

Great middle names for Kacey and their meanings

  • Latrisha (noble)
  • Taran (thunder)
  • Maeve (she who rules)
  • Francis (Frenchmen)
  • Marline (woman from)
  • Joslynn (member of a German tribe)
  • May (goddess Maia)
  • Desire (the one desired)

Famous people with the name [NAME]

  • Kacey Ainsworth (English actress)
  • Kacey Barnfield (English actress)
  • Kacey Bellamy (American ice hockey player)
  • Kacey Jones (American singer-songwriter)
  • Kacey Musgraves (American country singer)
  • Kacey White (American soccer player)
  • Kate & Kacey (American country music duo)
  • “Kacey Talk” (song by American rapper YoungBoy)
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