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Marta is a marvelous name for girls. Ancient in origin, the name maintains a consistent presence in popular culture. Marta Schneider is the titular protagonist of the Marta's Legacy series, and Marta Shearing was also the physician in the Bourne Supremacy series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the Name Marta

Marta is an alternative spelling of Martha. This is an ancient name with several possible origins. Foremost, it derives from the Aramaic word מַרְתָּא (marta‘). This word means “lady” or “mistress of the home.” It is the feminine form of מַר (mar), an Old Hebrew term that meant “master of the home.”

Alternatively, some etymologists believe that Martha originated as a loan word from the Sumerian term mārtum (meaning “daughter”). Marta later appeared in the Roman Empire as the feminine variation of Martinus (meaning “devoted to Mars”). And during the Georgian period of the British Empire, Martha became a source of the nicknames Patty and Patsy. .” This resulted from the Georgian convention that changed initial letters from “M” to “P” for most female nicknames.

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Despite the name's wonderfully diverse origins, most linguists caution not to confuse Marta with the similar-looking Swedish name Märta. In contrast to Marta, the Swedish name Märta is actually a nickname for Margareta (meaning “pearl”).

Marta is a spelling variation of Martha (meaning “lady”). According to the New Testament, Martha was the sister of Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead (John 11:1-44). The ecclesiastical symbol of Martha was the broomstick.

Nicknames for Marta

The name Marta evokes feelings of warmth and wisdom. If you're looking for a nickname for the Marta in your life, we've crafted a list of possible options to help get you inspired. We recommend something playful like “Art” or “Marty”!

Marta Name Details

Style: Classic, Biblical

Gender: Marta is traditionally considered to be a girls name.

Pronunciation: MAR-tah

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Marta

Marta Name Popularity

According to the Social Security Administration index, Marta was the 2,628th most popular baby name for girls in 2021.

Great Middle Names for Marta and Their Meanings

  • Ashlyn (ash tree lake, dream, vision)
  • Brooklyn (marshland lake, beautiful brook)
  • Connie (constant, steadfast)
  • Edie (prosperous in war)
  • Grace (charm, goodness, generosity)
  • Jacqueline (supplanter, one who follows)
  • Kendall (valley on the River Kent)
  • Luana (happiness, lion, gracious warrior)
  • Shiloh (heavenly peace, abundance, tranquility)
  • Tabitha (gazelle)
  • Verde (green)
  • Zainab (fragrant flower, beauty, life)

Famous People Named Marta

  • Marta Abba (actress)
  • Marta Ferri Borromeo (fashion designer)
  • Marta Cavallo Bunge (mathematician)
  • Marta Fran Kauffman (television writer and producer)
  • Marta Iren Hidy (violinist)
  • Marta “Martika” Marrero (singer)
  • Marta Vieira da Silva (footballer)
  • Marta Teresa Smith de Vasconcelos Suplicy (politician)
  • Marta Tomac (handball player)
  • Marta Moreno Vega (cultural scholar)
  • Marta (municipality in Lazio, Italy)
  • Marta Estrella (character in the Arrested Development series)
  • Marta Schneider (titular protagonist of the Marta's Legacy series by Francine Rivers)
  • Marta Shearing (physician in the Bourne series by Robert Ludlum)
  • Marta von Trapp (ensemble character in the Sound of Music franchise)
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