Rhyan is a unisex baby name that likely comes from Irish traditions. It is a unique spelling alternative to the ever-popular Ryan, and some believe it could even be a shortened form of Rhiannon. No matter the origin, however, Rhyan is a top 2,700 name in America.

Meaning of the name Rhyan:

Irish: descendent of the king
Welsh: great queen, goddess

Origin of the name Rhyan:

The baby name Rhyan is a spelling variation of Ryan. Ryan was originally a surname in Ireland that came from the ancient family name, O'Riain. O'Riain meant “descendent of Rian.” Rian comes from the Irish word “ri.” Some believe, however, that Rhyan is a variation of Rhiannon for girls.

Symbolism of the name Rhyan:

Rhyan is a variation of the name Ryan, which dates back to the surname O'Riain. As mentioned, this last name meant “descent of Rian.” Rian itself, however, meant “king” or “little king,” making Rhyan mean “descendent of the king.” If Rhyan comes from the name Rhiannon, it would mean “great queen” or “goddess.”

Style of the name Rhyan:


Gender of the name Rhyan:

Rhyan is a unisex baby name, but it is slightly more popular for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Rhyan:


Number of syllables in the name Rhyan:


Emotion evoked from the name Rhyan:

Rhyan is unique and refined. It has a noble feeling about it.

Alternative spellings for the name Rhyan:

  • Rian
  • Ryan 
  • Rhyann
  • Ryann 
  • Rion
  • Ryen
  • Ryenn
  • Rhyenn
  • Rhyen

Nicknames for the name Rhyan:

  • Rhy
  • Ry
  • Ryry
  • Rhy Guy
  • Yannie
  • Yanni
  • Yan

Popularity of the name Rhyan:

Rhyan is not a top 1,000 baby name. It is currently rank 2,613 for boys or girls. In comparison, Ryan was rank 57 in 2020, and Rhiannon was last a top 1,000 name in 2007.

Related names for the name Rhyan:

Great middle names for Rhyan and their meanings:

  • Victoria (victory)
  • Meadow (field of grass, vegetation)
  • Ellary (elder tree island)
  • Maven (intoxicating)
  • Mason (stone worker)
  • Joseph (He will add)
  • Dominique (of the Lord)
  • Joaquin (lifted by Yahweh)

Famous people with the name Rhyan:

  • Rhyan Grant (soccer player)
  • Rhyan LaMarr (film director)

Rhyans in popular culture:

No fictional characters have the baby name Rhyan.