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Suzanne is a baby girl’s name of French origin that means “lily, rose”. Suzanne is a version of Suasanne and Susan that was at peak popularity from the 1940s to the 1970s. Suzanne can be traced back to the Hebrew name Shoshannah.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Suzanne:

Suzanne is a French baby girl’s name that means “lily, rose”. It is a variant of the English name Susan. The name is popular in the southern United States, where it is often associated with the caricature of the “southern belle”.

Symbolism of the Name Suzanne:

Suzanne means “lily, rose”. Lilies are common symbols of purity, innocence and rebirth. White lilies are a traditional funeral flower in many Western cultures. Roses are common symbols of romance, love, beauty, and courage.

Nicknames for the Name Suzanne:

Suzanne is a very proper name for any girl. Check out our list of the best nicknames for Suzanne, starting with Sue:

Style of the Name Suzanne:


Gender of the Name Suzanne:

Suzanne is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the Name Suzanne:

SUY-ZAN (French), soo-ZAN (English), suy-ZAH-nə (Dutch)

Number of Syllables in the Name Suzanne:

two or three, depending on pronunciation

Emotion Evoked From the Name Suzanne:

Suzanne evokes feelings of beauty and grace.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Suzanne:

Susanne, Suzane, Soosanne

Popularity of the Name Suzanne:

According to the Social Security Administration, Suzanne is not a popular baby girl’s name. It was in the top ,1,000 baby names list from 1901 to 1999. It peaked at #52 in 1946. The name has not appeared on the top 1,000 list since the 90s.

Great Middle Names for the Name Suzanne and Their Meanings:

  • Charlene (free man)
  • Cyrilla (lordly)
  • Ivy (the plant)
  • Kora (maiden)
  • Darlene (darling)
  • Margarite (pearl)
  • Renee (reborn)
  • Colette (people of victory)

Famous People with the Name Suzanne:

  • Suzanne Rossell Cryer (American actress)
  • Suzanne Cloutier (Canadian actress)
  • Suzanne Marie Somers (American actress)
  • Suzanne Marie Collins (American novelist)
  • Suzanne Sugarbaker (television, “Designing Women”)
  • Suzanne Ashworth (television, “Hollyoaks”)
  • Suzanne Kingston Persons (film, “Are We There Yet?”)
  • Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren (television, “Orange is the New Black”)
  • Suzanne Sanders (television, “7th Heaven”)
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