Cookies are so popular in cultures across the world, it’s hard to think of a time before they existed. And, although there was a time before cookies, they actually date back pretty far… to the beginning of baked foods in general, in fact!

Their origins appear to go back to 7th century Persia shortly after the use of sugar became common to the region. Because cookies were easily portable, they were a common food for travelers, and it wasn’t long before they became popular in different parts of the world.

By the 14th century, they were well known in society served as royal cuisine and by every day street vendors.

Despite their rising popularity, cookies did not come to America until the late 1620’s They were brought to Americans by the Dutch in New Amsterdam who referred to them as ‘koekje”. This was later Anglicized to the word cookie.

Today, there are many varieties of cookies. Not only do they come in a wide selection of flavors, they come in different configurations as well. Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy bar cookies, drop cookies, filled cookies, sandwich cookies, no bake cookies…and the list goes on.

One of the most well known types of cookies is the chocolate chip. Invented in 1937, these were first made by Ruth Graves Wakefield who ran the Toll House Restaurant.

When Ruth didn’t have a needed ingredient for her ‘Butter Drop Do’ cookies, she used a bar of semisweet chocolate that she had on hand. She chopped the pieces of chocolate into the cookie dough and, voila, chocolate chip cookie weas born!

Everyone loves cookies and has a favorite cookie recipe that brings back fond memories of their favorite; warm and soft right out of the oven. With our family favorite cookie recipes, you can bake your favorites or try new ones; we have over 40 of the best and popular cookie recipes to choose from.

Whether for holiday cookie baking or a homemade treat for filling the cookie jar, we have the cookie recipes for you. From the old-fashioned, to the tried and true favorites, to the quick and easy recipes, they’re all here!