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A color wheel is a fantastic and fun way to teach colors, blending colors, primary and secondary colors, complementary colors.  With the use of the clothes pins it also teaches fine motor skills.  This can be an activity the kids can grow with, continually teaching new skills according to the child's age.

Color wheel

 Print one colored copy of the free printable on white cardstock paper. Cut out the first color wheel leaving it as a circle. I laminated this piece for extra durability.  Cut out the second circle then cut the individual colors on the lines. I rounded the tips off to prevent bending. Hot glue the individual colored pieces to clothes pins. That's it! You're ready to play! My son loves this game! We take three colors next to each other and talk how the middle color is a mix of the two outside colors. Talk about thing in the house that are the same colors as the paper clip. We walked around the house pinning the clothes pins on items that matched. My son put the green clip on the plant in the kitchen. The pink on his sister's shirt. The blue on the skirt I was wearing. The yellow on the dish clothing hanging on the stove.  Then, we raced around the house recalling where each on the clips were hanging. It turned out to be a really fun memory game. There are tons of things you can teach with this simple tool. We love it! You can also teach the color on the rainbow and help them line up the pin in order without looking at the color wheel.

color wheel busy bags color wheel busy bags 2017-02-03_0033 color wheel busy bags color wheel busy bags

As you can see there are so many fun ways to play with this simple learning game. What games would you play with this activity?


color wheel PDF



What are some of YOUR favorite color activities?!