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Check Out These Amazing New Year’s Recipes


Check Out These Amazing New Year’s Recipes

New Years recipes tend to lean towards appetizers and easy to serve foods for a good reason. With a fairly long stretch until the ball drops, it's a good idea to keep an ample supply of food available for your guests to enjoy along with drinks.


Serve a few heartier appetizers along with the lighter fare to balance your party table out. From the sweet munchy Puppy Chow to Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers, you'll find plenty of choices for every taste and appetite.

We recommend making what you can in advance. You have enough to plan for on the day of the party without having to worry about rushing to make a bunch of food. Some of these recipes are better made day-of, so use your best judgment and decide for yourself what makes sense. Make sure your family knows what you make in advance is off-limits until the day of the party!

Have some food available for your guests to eat at their leisure throughout the party. Serve larger appetizers at set times, or have an actual meal at a particular point in the party. Remember that New Year's parties often don't focus on the food, so don't worry too much about cooking anything super elaborate!

To make things easy on you, use paper or plastic cups, plates, and utensils. That way, you aren't going to have to do a ton of clean-up after the party. Keep a large trash can or garbage bag around so your guests can dispose of their items when they're done using them. Happy New Year's!

New Year's Party Appetizers & Snacks

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