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Pad See Ew vs. Pad Thai: Unique Differences Including Flavor, Calories, Noodles & More

Pad See Ew vs. Pad Thai: Unique Differences Including Flavor, Calories, Noodles & More

Pad See Ew vs. Pad Thai: What's the difference in flavor? Which one is healthier? You might have these questions if you want to make either one of these foods for dinner. It could also be that you're wondering what the difference is at a restaurant or if you can substitute them.

While both dishes come from Thailand, that doesn't mean they are the same. In fact, they are different in texture and flavor. They also complement other recipes. Finding the right dish can make a world of difference in how it tastes.

This guide uncovers everything you need to know about the difference between Pad See Ew and Pad Thai dishes. We look at how they originated, what makes them different, and how they can be used in different meals.

Pad See Ew vs. Pad Thai: The Cultural Histories

Noodles have been a part of Thailand's culture since the early 18th century. Some believe the noodles were introduced to Thailand by Chinese traders. The popularity of these noodles rose during the Second World War when there was a rice shortage.

The Thai government made an effort for noodles to become the staple food besides rice. This inspired the national dish, Pai Thai, which became popularized on every street corner in Thailand.

During the 1970s, when Thai immigrants came to America, there also came a wave of new Thai food restaurants. These restaurants initially used Chinese ingredients in cities like Los Angeles to muster up some of the best-tasting Thai food. While Pad Thai is the favorite dish in Thailand and parts of America, Pad See Ew is also becoming more popular.

Taste and Texture Of Each Dish

One of the biggest differences between how Pad Thai and Pad See Ew are made is in the noodles. Pad Thai uses thin noodles, while Pad See Ew uses wider noodles. They are also both rice noodles. While there's minimal distinction in texture between these noodles, it's ultimately how you like to eat either dish. You can swap the noodles out, but keep the same flavor of each word if you prefer one noodle over the other.

Another difference between these dishes is in the sauce. Pad Thai sauce is made with tamarind, a sweet and sour flavor. It can also be described as a tangy lemon. Pad See Ew is made with soy sauce with a salty and sweet flavor.

The toppings of Pad Thai have a mixture of vegetables and beef, chicken, or pork. Similarly, Pad See Ew is made with specific vegetables of broccoli and other greens. There's also beef and egg included in it.

The final difference between these foods is that they taste much different. Pad Thai usually tastes sweet and savory. You can make it spicier if you want by adding different hot sauces to it. Pad See Ew has a chewy texture and a richer taste to it. Some also say that Pad See Ew has more flavor to it.

Nutrition Differences

While Pad Thai and Pad See Ew are similar in many areas, they are still different in calorie consumption. Pad Thai offers more than one hundred calories per cup because of the calories found in the rice noodles. However, the nutrition would vary depending on what you want in the dish.

For example, if you eat with chicken, you'll find that either dish will be healthier than pork. What spices you add to it can also affect sodium and cholesterol levels. The peanut oil is not especially healthy for you.

Dishes That Complement Either Foods

You'll find that the same dishes complement either Pad Thai or Pad See Ew. If you're at a restaurant or grocery store, you can pick up some of these dishes or make them yourself.

Here are the most popular dishes that go with either Pad Thai or Pad See Ew.

  • Spring rolls
  • White rice
  • Fried rice
  • Satay skewers
  • Thai soup
  • Salad
  • Mango sticky rice
  • Coconut rice
  • Steamed dumplings

Kimbap has slightly more calories than sushi because of the added meat.

Pad Thai and Pad See Ew: What's the Better Choice to Eat?

If you're trying to decide between Pad Tha and Pad See Ew, you'll find that the choice will be difficult because both are equally delicious. They both have unique sweet and savory flavors that are worth trying. They both complement the same dishes as well.

Overall, learning about Pad Thai and Pad See Ew gives you insight into which one you may like better. But trying both can give you a better idea. You can also change the meat and spiciness if you prefer one over the other.

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