Baby Girl Names beginning with Z

Baby Girl Names Z

The Top Girl Names and Unique Girl Names that start with Z

Baby Girl Names Beginning with Z


Zabrina   A legendary character.
Zada Arabic The lucky one.
Zagir Armenian A flower.
Zagros sweet, feminine  
Zahara Arabic/Hebrew Arabic: A blossom or flower. Hebrew: The bright dawn. Also see Sarah.
Zahava Hebrew Golden.
Zahra Arabic/Hebrew Arabic: A blossom or flower. Hebrew: The bright dawn. Also see Sarah.
Zaida Arabic fortunate one
Zaira Arabic rose
Zakia Hebrew bright, pure
Zalia Hebrew  
Zalika Arabic/Swahili Well-born.
Zaltana Native American high mountain
Zama Latin came from Zama
Zambda Hebrew meditation
Zan Hebrew Zanette
Zandra   The defender, or helper of mankind. Feminine form of Alexander. Also see Alexis.
Zane Hebrew God is gracious. A boy or girl's name.
Zaneta Hebrew The grace of God.
Zanita Greek long teeth
Zankhana Hindu  
Zanna English Alilly. A modern short form of Suzanna.
Zara Arabic/Hebrew Arabic: A blossom or flower. Hebrew: The bright dawn. Also see Sarah.
Zaria   Helped by God. A boy or girl's name.
Zarifa Arabic Graceful.
Zarna Hindu  
Zavanna   From the grasslands or open plains.
Zayit Hebrew  
Zaylin Zayla, Aylin  
Zaza Hebrew, Arabic movement, flowery
Zdenka Czech one from Sidon, a winding sheet

Ze through Zu

Zea Latin Ripened grain.
Zeanes Hebrew  
Zebina Greek one who is gifted
Zee Hebrew Zeela, Zella, Zelmora, Zelnora
Zeeba unknown  
Zehava Hebrew golden
Zeitia Galician  
Zelah Hebrew A side. Also a Cornish placename.
Zelda   The grey battle heroine. From the name Griselda. Made famous by the wife of American writer F Scott Fitzgerald.
Zelena Greek The goddess of the moon.
Zelenka Czech little innocent one
Zelia Greek Zealous, devoted to one's duty.
Zelinda Old German shield of victory
Zelma   A divine helmet. From the name Anselma. Also see Salima.
Zelpha Hebrew Zilpha
Zena Scottish The defender, or helper of mankind. Shortened form of Alexina (See Alexandra). Also see Zenobia.
Zenaide Greek one who has devoted his life to God
Zenda Persian A sacred woman.
Zenia Greek hospitable
Zenith Arabic The highest point.
Zennor Cornish The name of a village. A boy or girl's name.
Zenobia Greek Given life by Zeus.
Zephyrine Greek A breeze, the west wind.
Zera Greek seeds
Zerlina Teutonic Serene beauty.
Zerlinda Hebrew beautiful dawn
Zeruah Hebrew  
Zethel Hebrew  
Zeva Greek A sword.
Zevida Hebrew gift
Zhalore Hebrew  
Zia Arabic Splendour or ripened grain. A boy or girl's name.
Ziahon Hebrew  
Ziazan Armenian rainbow
Zigana Hungarian gypsy girl
Zila Hebrew shadow
Zilia Aragonese  
Zillah Hebrew Shade or a shadow. A biblical name.
Zilli my shadow Zili
Zina African name
Zinaida Greek of Zeus
Zinnia Latin From the flower.
Ziona Hebrew a sign
Zippora Hebrew A little bird, a sparrow. A biblical name.
Zisel Hebrew sweet
Zita Italian The name of a 13th-century Tuscan saint. Also a diminutive of Rosita (See Rosa).
Ziva Hebrew Brightness.
Zizi Hungarian dedicated to God
Zoe Greek Life.
Zoey Greek Life.
Zofeya Hebrew God sees.
Zofia Polish Wisdom.
Zohra Arabic Blooming.
Zoila child  
Zola   Life.
Zoleen Hebrew  
Zona Latin prostitute
Zonda Hebrew  
Zora Slavonic Dawn.
Zosia Polish Wisdom.
Zosima Greek lively
Zotia Polish one with wisdom
Zsa-Zsa Hungarian A Lily. From the name Susan.
Zula Hebrew  
Zuleika Persian Brilliant beauty.
Zulema Arabic/Hebrew Peace.
Zuri Swahili Beautiful.
Zuriaa Basque  
Zuza Czech graceful lily
Zuzana Czech A lily. Also see Susan.
Zuzanna Polish A lily. Also see Susan.

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