Unique Baby Names

Unique Baby Names

Finding unique baby names for your baby can be interesting, and time consuming. You will need to look for a name that is one of a kind, but that is easier said than done.

Some people choose to create their baby names on their own, or customize the spelling of more popular names. One example for a baby girl is Alison, which can be spelled as Alison, Allyson, Alyson and Allison. Yet when taken to the extreme the hunt for a baby names that are unique can often lead to some very curious variants.

A few celebrities have given their babies crazy names which in the future may cause their kids to wonder what they were thinking (such as Pilot Inspektor and Moxie Crimefighter). So what should a parent look for when choosing a unique baby name for their baby?

Look for ones that are unusual, individual and a little bit different from the run of the mill names. Look for a name which will stand out in a crowd and certainly have some basis in the English language. When searching for a unique baby name for your baby it is best to avoid names which are part of a trend. Make sure you check out our baby names listings and find more unique baby boy names and baby girl names - there's plenty!

And now the BIG question...

Can what you name your baby determine their entire life? Some say it does. Based on statistics, some names appear more often in top ten lists of most successful, most famous, and even most wanted. Have you lived up to your name's reputation? Check out the lists below to find out! Remember though, you cannot guarantee your baby's future by a name (even though some say it does, and even statistics may agree on some names). Lots of love helps far more than a name, so choose the name you think your baby will love for the rest of their life.

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