Unique Baby Names and Their "Meanings"

Unique Baby Names


Finding unique baby names for your baby can be interesting, and time consuming. You will need to look for a name that is one of a kind, but that is easier said than done.

When searching for unique baby names for your baby it is of utmost importance to ignore those top ten lists! If you're looking for something unique, that isn't the place to look. In 5 years those names will have the first letter of their last name at the end of them in kindergarten.

The teacher needs to know which of 17 Sophias she's looking for, so those popular names will have an unintended addition. If your last name starts with an unfortunate letter like P...picture the snickering when the teacher calls for "Sophia P". 

And now the BIG question...

Can what you name your baby determine their entire life? Some say it does. Based on statistics, some names appear more often in top ten lists of most successful, most famous, and even most wanted. Have you lived up to your name's reputation? Check out the lists below to find out!


New! The latest unique names from other countries. They are very different than the U.S. fads!

Names That Can Decide the Future

Baby Names for Future Royalty Baby Names for Happily Ever Afters Baby Names for Future World Travelers
Baby Names with Blessings Baby Names for Colorful Lives Baby Names for Future Drama Queens and Kings
Baby Names for Future Achievers Baby Names for Future Athletes Baby Names for Future Celebrities
Baby Names for Future Chefs Baby Names for Future Class Clowns Baby Names for Future Cops and Law Enforcers
Baby Names for Future Country Stars Baby Names for Future Cowgirls and Cowboys Baby Names for Future Doctors
Baby Names for Future Fashion Models Baby Names for Future Lawyers Baby Names for Future Life Coaches
Baby Names for Future Morticians Baby Names for Future Popular Kids Baby Names for Future Slackers
Baby Names for Future Televangelists Baby Names for Future Truck Drivers Baby Names That Make You Feel Weird
Comfy and Cozy Baby Names Death Row Names
*for the superstitious*
Dependable Types Baby Names
Destined to Be Wild Things Future Charmer Baby Names Hippie Names for Baby
Hyper Kid Names for Baby Macho Boys and Girly Girls Baby Names Old Maids and Grumpy Old Men
Plain Jane and Average Joe Names Powerful Baby Names Vintage Baby Names
Obnoxious Baby Names Baby Names Home


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