Fairy Tales

Choose your favorite fairy tale and decorate based on the tale. If you choose the Princess and the Pea, decorate with a royal theme. Make sure you put peas into a cold salad, and have mom’s chair plumped with lots of pillows to sit on top of.



Depending if the baby is a boy or girl, you can do a Prince or Princess theme. Decorate with royal crests, crowns and castle themed items.



Have each guest make a scrapbook page for the new mother and baby. Take a picture of each guest, then have them personalize their page by adding their thoughts, advice, and wishes for the new family. Make sure you provide plenty of stickers and scrapbooking accessories!


Boy Shower

If the parents already know it’s a boy, go with a baby blue and boys toys theme. Blue decorations, blue coloring in the food and little boys toys are the decorations.


Girl Shower

Go girly with this theme, pink everywhere. Use ribbons, bows, lace and pink décor to help welcome the new baby girl.


Character Theme

Winne the Pooh, Disney Babies, Little Mermaid or whoever you choose can be the theme of this shower. This theme is fairly easy to get party supplies for, just look in the children’s birthday party section of the party supply store.


Nursery Theme

Help the new mom decorate her nursery. Find out the theme she chose and have guests bring nursery theme related gifts.


Noah's Ark

This is an extremely popular theme for twin showers. This is also a great theme to use for a couples shower. Do everything two by two, from the food to the decorating.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Help to welcome the new little star with a star of their own. Ask the guests to contribute to registering a real star for the new baby with the star registry. Decorate with moon and stars decorations and twinkly white lights.



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