Laced Stockings

This fun Christmas craft idea doubles as a game. If you make it from sturdy papers, or laminate the finished project your child will have a quite activity to entertain them the duration of the holiday season.

Supplies: paper, scissors, hole punch, yarn and crayons. Optional supplies: glitter, fabric, felt or pipe cleaners.

Create a template for the shape of stocking you like, and have each child trace it onto a piece of construction paper in the color of their choice. They will need two. Cut out the stockings and use the hole punch to punch out holes about 1 inch apart all the way around the edge of both stockings. Tip: to be sure that the holes line up either use a paper clip to hold the two stockings together and punch them at the same time, or punch the first one then place it on top of the second and use a pencil or crayon to mark where the holes should be placed on the second stocking.

At this point you can add yarn for lacing, and be done. If you'd like to create more one of a kind stockings decorate them, and then decorate them some more. A few fun decoration ideas include adding stripes. Use crayons to color stripes, or cut stripes from another piece of construction paper and glue them on. Create a character on your stocking with scraps of construction paper or with markers and crayons. Add a Christmas poem to the front. Glitter, brick-brack, ribbons and bows also add fun effects.

Whatever you choose keep in mind you'll want it to be flat so the lamination will work. After laminating you will need to punch the holes again. (Punching the holes just once after you laminate is a good idea, but the stocking are thick and you will need a really sturdy, sharp hole-puncher.)

For ease in lacing cover the ends of the yard in tape. This creates a stiffer end for the kids to lace, and prevents fraying.



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