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When you hear the baby name Aspyn, you may first think of the tree or of the ski resort in Colorado that is originally spelled Aspen. Though the original spelling is a name option too, Aspyn is a much trendier choice. Only in the year 2020 did it become a top 1,000 name for boys or girls.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Aspyn:

The baby name Aspyn originated in America as a naturalistic baby name based on the name of a tree. The Aspen tree is known for its heart-shaped leaves and the beauty it represents. Aspyn originates from the old English word “aespe” which means “tree”. Therefore, the name means “quaking tree”.

Symbolism of the Name Aspyn:

Aspyn means “quaking tree” as the Aspen tree is affected easily by the wind. The leaves will quiver and shake with only the slightest wind that blows by.

Nicknames for the Name Aspyn:

Aspyn is a great choice for a name! If this is the name you've settled on, you'll definitely want to know the nicknames that go with it. Check out the full list:

  • Asp
  • Aspie
  • Aspy
  • Aspi
  • Ash 
  • Azzie
  • Penny
  • Pennie
  • Pyn
  • Asper
  • Aspers
  • Aps
  • Pyns
  • Spy
  • Little Tree
  • Big Tree
  • Spyn
  • Spies

Style of the Name Aspyn:


Gender of the Name Aspyn:

Male/Female – Aspyn is a naturalistic and trendy unisex name used for boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the Name Aspyn:


Number of Syllables in the Name Aspyn:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Aspyn:

Aspyn feels modern, trendy, and cool. It is unique and associates itself with nature and with the outdoor world.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Aspyn:

  • Aspen 
  • Aspin
  • Aspon
  • Aspynn
  • Aspinn
  • Aspenn

Popularity of the Name Aspyn:

The baby name Aspyn only joined the top 1,000 Social Security list in 2020. It ranked at number 901. In 2022, Aspyn ranked at 809. In comparison, the alternative spelling Aspen ranks at number 196 as of 2022.

Great Middle Names for Aspyn and Their Meanings:

  • Camille (helper to the priest)
  • Kiera (dark, dark-haired)
  • Elysia (from the blessed isles)
  • Aurelia (the golden one)
  • Dirk (people ruler)
  • Briggs (bridges)
  • Brody (ditch)
  • Levi (united, joined)

Famous People with the Name Aspyn:

  • Aspyn Ovard (star on YouTube from channel Aspyn + Parker)

There are currently no fictional characters with this spelling of the baby name Aspyn.

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