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Bradford is a unique alternative to names like Bradley and Brad. It has a more serious and rugged feel to it. Though a top 300 name in the early twentieth century, Bradford is now a top 2,300 name at rank 2,277.

Meaning of the name Bradford:

English: wide river crossing, broad ford

Origin of the name Bradford:

The baby name Bradford was originally a surname in England. It was for families who lived near a “broad ford.” It did not become a first name option until the past two centuries.

Symbolism of the name Bradford:

The baby name Bradford means “broad ford” because of the original surname. Families who lived near this type of terrain received the title. In modern times, “broad ford” could translate to “wide river crossing.”

Baby name Bradford


Style of the name Bradford:


Gender of the name Bradford:

Male – Bradford is a rugged name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Bradford:


Number of syllables in the name Bradford:


Emotion evoked from the name Bradford:

Bradford sounds mature and serious. It is a strong name.

Alternative spellings for the name Bradford:

  • Bradfoard
  • Bradphoard
  • Bradphord

Nicknames for the name Bradford:

  • Ford
  • Brad 
  • Rad
  • Braddi
  • Braddie
  • Braddy
  • Fordie
  • Fordy

Popularity of the name Bradford:

Bradford was a top 1,000 name in America, for the most part, until 1999 when it was ranked number 956. It was a top 300 option from 1950 to 1957 and again in 1960. Bradford did best in 1953 at number 240.

Related names for the name Bradford:

Great middle names for Bradford and their meanings:

  • Clark (scribe, secretary)
  • Heath (lived near a moor, lived near a heath)
  • Miles (soldier)
  • Reese (enthusiasm)
  • Boone (good)
  • Scott (Scottish, wanderer)
  • Flynn (reddish, ruddy)
  • Knox (hillock, hump)

Famous people with the name Bradford:

  • Bradford Anderson (actor, “General Hospital”)
  • Bradford Dillman (actor, “Compulsion”)
  • Bradford Dourif (actor, “Chucky”)
  • Bradford Whitford (guitarist from Aerosmith)
  • Bradford Delson (guitarist from Linkin Park)
  • Bradford Mehldau (jazz pianist)
  • Bradford Lyttle (peace activist)

Bradfords in popular culture:

  • Bradford (city in England)
  • Bradford Taylor (character from “A Different World”)
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