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Brentley is a go-to baby name for boys for parents seeking something trendy and fun. Also, Brentley has a fresh look and sound about it that makes it unique as well. Keep reading to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Brentley:

English: Comes from the English name “Brent” and adds “-ley” to the end.

Origin of the name Brentley:

Brentley is a modern, invented name. It marks it more as a trendy baby name for boys that only recently saw some popularity within the late 2000s.

Symbolism of the name Brentley:

If you take Brentley as a variant of the baby name “Brent”, you can associate it with that meaning of “hill”. From there, the name Brentley can symbolize something to strive toward, or it can even represent the highest or most important thing in someone’s life.

Style of the name Brentley:


Gender of the name Brentley:

Brentley is used as a name for baby boys.

Pronunciation of the name Brentley:


Number of syllables in the name Brentley:


Emotion evoked from the name Brentley:

With the baby name Brentley, it can bring up feelings of strength and determination.

Alternative spellings for the name Brentley:

Nicknames for the name Brentley:

Popularity of the name Brentley:

Based on data from the Social Security Index, Brentley was most popularly used as a baby name for boys 2014 as it ranked #636.

Related names for the name Brentley:

Great middle names for Brentley and their meanings:

  • Ken (born of fire, handsome; healthy and strong)
  • Devon (English place-name)
  • Scout (word name)
  • Dean (church official)
  • Joss (the merry one)
  • Todd (fox)
  • Langley (long meadow)
  • Robert (bright fame)
  • Royce (son of the king)

Famous people with the name Brentley:

  • Brentley Frazer (Australian poet, author)
  • Brentley Gore (American actor, rock singer)

Brentleys in movies/pop culture:

Brentley is not a common name found in movies, shows, or throughout pop culture.

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