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Bryant is a baby name with late Irish roots. Bryant is also a baby name given much fame and attention thanks to a late and notorious American basketball player. Keep reading to discover more about the name.

Meaning of the name Bryant:

Possibly Old Irish/Celtic for “hill, high; might, power”.

Origin of the name Bryant:

As a baby name, Bryant has both English and Old Irish roots. On the English side, the name Bryant is a variation of the name “Brian”. From there, “Brian” has connections to Old Irish terms like “brií” and “briíg”.

Symbolism of the name Bryant:

Bryant is a baby name rooted in power. It can symbolize nobility thanks to its distant connection to a famous Irish king.

Style of the name Bryant:


Gender of the name Bryant:

Bryant is commonly a masculine name.

Pronunciation of the name Bryant:


Number of syllables in the name Bryant:


Emotion evoked from the name Bryant:

Bryant has a powerful, bold, and righteous feel to it.

Alternative spellings for the name Bryant:

  • Briant

Nicknames for the name Bryant:

  • Bry
  • Bri

Popularity of the name Bryant:

Bryant is a baby name that has maintained steady popularity throughout decades. According to the Social Security Administration, Bryant landed as high as #164 in 1988.

Related names for the name Bryant:

Great middle names for Bryant and their meanings:

  • Lucius (light)
  • Lenox (elm grove)
  • Sutton (from the southern homestead)
  • Drake (dragon; male duck)
  • Aubrey (elf ruler)
  • Sami (exalted)
  • Marshall (one who looks after horses)
  • Arion (moon creature on high)

Famous people with the name Bryant:

  • Bryant Mix (American football player)
  • Bryant Dunston (American-Armenian basketball player)
  • Bryant McKinnie (American football player)
  • Bryant McFadden (American football player)
  • Bryant Koback (American football player)
  • Bryant Reeves (American basketball player)
  • Bryant(stage name for Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Bryan Robert Rohena Pérez)

Bryants in movies/pop culture:

Bryant is regularly used as a given name throughout pop culture.

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