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Demario is a name that feels full of personality and modern. Most believe this name popular in the late twentieth century comes from Italy, as a name for a son of Mario. Others, however, think it is a created name that is an urban version of Mario.

Meaning of the name Demario:

Italian: son of Mario
American: warlike

Origin of the name Demario:

Demario was first used as an Italian name meaning “son of Mario.” It was reserved for the first boy born of a man with the name of Mario. In modern, American times, others believe that the name is a variation of the name Mario and the prefix “de.”

Symbolism of the name Demario:

When considering the Italian version of Demario, it means “son of Mario.” Again, it was for the firstborn son of a man named Mario. In America, however, some believe that the name is a variation of Mario. For this reason, it has the same meaning as Mario.

Style of the name Demario:


Gender of the name Demario:

Demario is an urban name used for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Demario:


Number of syllables in the name Demario:


Emotion evoked from the name Demario:

Demario is a personable and fun name. It has a modern and youthful feel to it.

Alternative spellings for the name Demario:

  • Damario
  • Demaryo
  • Damaryo

Nicknames for the name Demario:

Popularity of the name Demario:

Demario became a popular baby name in America in 1978 at rank 827. The last year it was a top 1,000 baby name was in 1994 at rank 981. Demario got close to being a top 500 name, however, in 1988 at rank 504.

Related names for the name Demario:

Great middle names for Demario and their meanings:

  • Romano (someone from Rome, Roman citizen)
  • Miguel (who is like God?)
  • Julian (youthful, sky father, downy-haired)
  • Malik (lord, ruler, chief)
  • Lawrence (man from Laurentum, bright one, shining one)
  • Chad (battle, warrior)
  • Javon (Greece)
  • Jordan (to flow down, descend)

Famous people with the name Demario:

Demarios in popular culture:

Currently, no popular culture references involve the baby name Demario.

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