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Marco is an Italian and Spanish version of the name Mark. Marco means “warlike” and has been popular since 1918. Marco Polo is a famous Italian explorer who was instrumental in connecting trade routes between Europe and Asia and makes a great name for parents who hope their baby boy will turn life into an adventure. Let's dive into the backstory of the name Marco.

Meaning and Origin of the name Marco:

In Italian and Spanish, the name Marco means “warlike.” Marco is also related to the name Mark and is the Spanish counterpart to that name. Marco is a common given name in Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, and Brazil.

Symbolism of the name Marco:

Marco means “warlike” and is related to the name of the Roman god and red planet Mars. Mars’ primary symbol is the spear and shield, as well as bows and arrows.

Nicknames for the name Marco:

baby name Marco


Style of the name Marco:


Gender of the name Marco:

Marco is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Marco:

MAR-ko (Italian, Spanish, German), MAR-koo (European Portuguese), MAKH-koo (Brazilian Portuguese), MAHR-ko (Dutch)

Number of syllables in the name Marco:


Emotion evoked from the name Marco:

Marco evokes feelings of exploration and charisma.

Alternative spellings for the name Marco:


Popularity of the name Marco:

According to the Social Security Administration, Marco is a common boy’s name that has been in the top 1000 names since 1918. Marco was at peak popularity between 1992 and 2005, when it stayed in the top 200 names.

Great middle names for the name Marco and their meanings:

  • Salvatore (savior)
  • Luis (renowned warrior)
  • Jaime (supplanter)
  • August (magnificent)
  • Asher (fortunate, happy one, ash tree)
  • Levi (attached)
  • Cassius (hollow)
  • Casimir (destroyer of peace)

Famous people with the name Marco:

  • Marco Polo (Italian explorer)
  • Marco Delgado (American soccer player)
  • Marco Reus (German footballer)
  • Marco Fabbri (Italian ice dancer)
  • Marco Pierre White (British chef)
  • Marco Del Rossi (television, “Degrassi: The Next Generation”)
  • Marco (film, “Dinner for Schmucks”)
  • Marco (video game, “Spyro the Dragon”)
  • Marco Alisdair (literature, “Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern)
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