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Jessa is a delightful modern baby name. Although short and straightforward, the name Jessa is stylish and savvy while retaining its aura of jubilation and joy. Jessa Johansson is a character on the television show Girls), and Jessa McKenzie is an important character in the bestselling novel On the Jellicoe Road. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Jessa:

Jessa is a modern English diminutive of the name Jessica. This name derives from the Hebrew word Yiskah (meaning “God sees, God beholds”). Medieval translators adopted the spelling Jescha, and this adaption became the basis of the names Jessica and Jessa.

Symbolism of the Name Jessa:

Jessa is a modern short form of the name Jessica. The oldest written record of the name Jessica occurs in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. In the play, the symbol for this character is the golden ducat.

Nicknames for the Name Jessa:

Jessa itself is often a nickname used for Jessica, but there are nicknames that can be derived from Jessa as well. Take a look at the full list:

baby name Jessa

Style of the Name Jessa:


Gender of the Name Jessa:

Jessa is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the Name Jessa:


Number of Syllables in the Name Jessa:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Jessa:

The name Jessa evokes feelings of trendiness and good taste.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Jessa:

  • Jessah
  • Jesya
  • Jeza

Popularity of the Name Jessa:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Jessa was the 869th most popular baby girl name in 2017. The name has not appeared on the top 1,000 list since.

Great Middle Names for Jessa and Their Meanings:

  • Amanda (lovable, worthy of love)
  • Diane (divine)
  • Harlow (army hill, rock)
  • Inez (pure, chaste, sacred)
  • Irene (peace)
  • Karen (pure, clear, flower)
  • Meira (light)
  • Naomi (delight, sweetness)
  • Quinn (head, chief, wise counsel)
  • Talia (dew from heaven, lamb, devoted one)

Famous People with the Name Jessa:

  • Jessa Nicole Anderson (singer)
  • Jessa Campbell (actress)
  • Jessa Crispin (literary critic)
  • Jessa Lauren Duggar (television personality)
  • Jessa Sinclair Gamble (science blogger)
  • Jessa Leigh Phillips (producer)
  • Jessa Ann Zaragoza (singer)
  • Jessa Johansson (character on television's Girls)
  • Jessa McKenzie (character in the bestselling novel On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta)
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