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Kloie keeps them guessing with a fun spelling that puts a modern twist on a name everyone loves! This Greek name has just the right amount of whimsy for a baby girl. It's also a little mysterious. Read on to see why Kloie deserves consideration!

Meaning of the name Kloie:

Greek: Verdant and blooming

Origin of the name Kloie:

Greek. Kloie refers to a flower in bloom. It is sometimes translated to mean “young, green shoot.”

Symbolism of the name Kloie:

The name Kloie is symbolic of life and growth. It is most closely associated with blooming flowers.

Style of the name Kloie:


Gender of the name Kloie:

Kloie is considered a traditionally female Greek name.

Pronunciation of the name Kloie:


Syllables in the name Kloie:


Emotion evoked from the name Kloie:

Kloie is a name that feels magical and whimsical. Its Greek roots make it a very powerful name.

Alternative spellings for the name Kloie:

Chloé, Khloe, Kloey.

Nicknames for the name Kloie:

Klo, Lo, LiLi.

Popularity of the name Kloie:

According to the Social Security Administration index, this spelling of Kloie has never made the list of the 1,000 most popular names.

Related names for the name Kloie:


Great middle names for Kloie and their meanings:

  • Abigail (father's joy)
  • Agatha (good, honorable)
  • Athena (goddess of wisdom)
  • Beverly (dweller near the beaver stream)
  • Druscilla (fruitful)
  • Felicia (happy)
  • Garcelle (resembles a small spear)
  • Genevieve (woman of the family)
  • Suzanne (lily)
  • Theodora (gift of God)

Famous people with the name Kloie:

This spelling of Kloie isn't yet attached to any notable people.

Kloies in movies/pop culture:

This spelling of Kloie hasn't yet made its mark on popular culture.