Kyran is a gorgeous Gaelic name full of whimsy and mystery. Popular in Ireland and Scotland, this name refers to a dark-haired boy. Keep reading to see why Kyran is a beautiful name for a baby boy.

Meaning of the name Kyran:

Gaelic: Dark-haired boy

Origin of the name Kyran:

Gaelic. Kyran is a variation of Kieran. It refers to someone with dark hair.

Symbolism of the name Kyran:

The name Kyran calls to mind visions of a little boy with dark hair covering his eyes as he runs through the Irish countryside.

Style of the name Kyran:


Gender of the name Kyran:

Kyran has traditionally been a masculine name. Girls are given the companion names of Kiera, Ciara, or Keira.

Pronunciation of the name Kyran:


Syllables in the name Kyran:


Emotion evoked from the name Kyran:

The name Kyran is full of charm and innocence.

Alternative spellings for the name Kyran:

Kieran, Keiran, Keiron, Keiren, Kiran.

Nicknames for the name Kyran:

Kier, Ky.

Popularity of the name Kyran:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Kyran has never made the list of the top 1,000 baby names at any point between 1900 and today.

Related names for the name Kyran:

Kieran, Keirnan.

Great middle names for Kyran and their meanings:

  • Bennet (blessed)
  • Dennis (follow of Dionysus)
  • Gilchrist (servant of God)
  • Giles (goat skin)
  • Fredrick (peaceful ruler)
  • Hayden (hay field)
  • Scott (from Scotland)
  • Spenser (steward)
  • Tyler (tile maker)
  • William (strong-willed warrior)

Famous people with the name Kyran:

  • Kyran Bowes (actor)
  • Kyran Nijjar (media personality)
  • Kyran Wheatley (radio personality)

Kyran in movies/pop culture:

Kyran hasn't yet made its mark on popular culture.