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Maiya is a beautiful name given to girls around the world. Evocative of the growth that occurs during spring, Maiya bursts with liveliness and youthfulness. “Maiya” is the name of a popular 2017 Bollywood movie.

Meaning of the name Maiya:

Greek: Good mother
Latin: Great or large
Hebrew: Water
Sanskrit: Magic

Origin of the name Maiya:

Maiya is a variant of the name Maia. In ancient Greek religion, Maiya is the mother of Hermes, the lover of Zeus, and the daughter of Atlas. The Romans considered Maya to be the goddess of spring.

Symbolism of the name Maiya:

The name Maiya is associated with an incarnation of “mother earth.”

Style of the name Maiya:


Gender of the name Maiya:

Female. Maiya represents the feminine, life-giving qualities of mother earth.

Pronunciation of the name Maiya:


Syllables in the name Maiya:


Emotion evoked from the name Maiya:

This is a powerful, spiritual name that evokes the timeless, life-giving strength of nature with very feminine undertones.

Alternative spellings for the name Maiya:

Maya, Maia, Mya

Nicknames for the name Maia:

My, Missy, My My, M (em), Mimi, Yaya

Popularity of the name Maiya:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Maiya was ranked 997th among girl names for the year 2000.

Related names for the name Maiya:


Great middle names for Maiya and their meanings:

  • Anne (favored, grace)
  • Azul (blue)
  • Belle (beauty)
  • Désirée (desired)
  • Gwyneth (happiness)
  • Lorelei (enchantress)
  • Lynn (lake)
  • Persephone (goddess of the underworld)
  • Therese (harvester)
  • Whitney (from the white island)

Famous people with the name Maiya:

  • Maiya Boyd (actress)
  • Maiya Quansah Breed (actress)
  • Maiya Maneza (Kazakhstani weightlifter)
  • Maiya Sykes (singer)
  • Maiya Williams (American writer)

Maiyas in movies/pop culture:

“Maiya Teri Jai Jaikaar” is a popular single released by Arijit Singh in 2016.

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