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Nicklaus is a unique variation of the common boys' name, Nicholas. While Nicholas has been a top 1,000 baby name for as long as the Social Security Administration has been keeping track of names, Nicklaus only saw a bit of popularity during the 1980s and 1990s. But it's regaining some popularity. The name pairs well with classic middle names, and it may be especially popular with golf fans.

Meaning of the name Nicklaus:

Greek: People of victory

Origin of the name Nicklaus:

Nicklaus is derived from the Greek name Nikolaos. It's made up of the elements “nikē,” which means “victory,” and “laos,” which means “people.”

Symbolism of the name Nicklaus:

Because of its meaning, new parents may see the name Nicklaus as a symbol of victory. They may also associate the name with sports or athletics since it's derived from the word “nike.” Golf fans may associate Nicklaus with legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus.

Baby name Nicklaus


Style of the name Nicklaus:


Gender of the name Nicklaus:

Nicklaus is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Nicklaus:


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Emotion evoked from the name Nicklaus:

The baby name Nicklaus evokes images of someone who is friendly and athletic.

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Popularity of the name Nicklaus:

According to the Social Security Administration, Nicklaus was a top 1,000 baby name for boys on and off between 1978 and 2020. It last ranked at 991 in 2000.  

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