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Noreen is an English take on an Irish name. Noreen held onto some popularity for centuries, but it appears taken over by the more popular “Nora”. Keep reading to learn some more facts about the name.

Meaning of the name Noreen:

Irish for “light”

Origin of the name Noreen:

Noreen is the Anglicized form of the Irish name “Nóirín”. Additionally, Noreen serves as a diminutive form of the classic name “Nora”, which derives from names such as “Eleanor” and “Honora”.

Symbolism of the name Noreen:

Noreen represents “light”. Since light stands on the opposite of darkness, it can also represent all things good. This allows Noreen to stand as a symbol of peace, purity, and gentleness.

Style of the name Noreen:


Gender of the name Noreen:

Noreen is used as a girl’s name.

Pronunciation of the name Noreen:


Number of syllables in the name Noreen:


Emotion evoked from the name Noreen:

Noreen is a peaceful baby name that evokes a variety of feelings from relaxing to honorable.

Alternative spellings for the name Noreen:

Nicknames for the name Noreen:

  • Norrie
  • Nori 
  • Nors
  • Nono
  • Noe
  • Rena
  • Ren

Popularity of the name Noreen:

According to the Social Security Index, Noreen reached its highest rank in popularity as a baby name in 1948, ranking #299.

Related names for the name Noreen:

  • Nonie
  • Norah
  • Nora 
  • Anora
  • Honora
  • Norella
  • Norelle
  • Norma

Great middle names for Noreen and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Noreen:

  • Noreen Nash (American actress)
  • Noreen Raja (American actress)
  • Noreen Kershaw (British actress/director)
  • Noreen Steves (Canadian cartoonist)
  • Noreen Corcoran (American actress/dancer/singer)
  • Noreen Young (Canadian puppeteer)
  • Noreen Murray (English molecular geneticist/vaccine pioneer)

Noreens in movies/pop culture:

  • Dr. “Nora” Wakeman (character in the American cartoon show “My Life as a Teenage Robot”)
  • Noreen (the character in the American TV show “Seinfeld”)
  • Noreen (a character in the American film “50 First Dates”)
  • Noreen Bell (a character from a British soap “Emmerdale”)
  • Noreen Hurlock (the character in the movie “It Was an Accident”)
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