Rayyan is a radiant name with roots in the Quran. The name symbolizes a gateway to fullness and paradise. Keep reading to learn about the divine meaning of Rayyan.

Meaning of the name Rayyan:

Arabic: Watered, plentiful, heaven's flower.

Origin of the name Rayyan:

Arabic. Rayyan is a name that means complete fulfillment without thirst. It also creates an allusion to the gates of paradise. In Islamic tradition, Rayyan is the name of one of the gates of Jannah that is set aside for those who fast to enter on the Day of Resurrection.

Symbolism of the name Rayyan:

Rayyan symbolizes fulfillment of promises. It means the “opposite of thirst.”

Style of the name Rayyan:


Gender of the name Rayyan:

Rayyan is traditionally a male name. However, it is sometimes given to girls.

Pronunciation of the name Rayyan:


Syllables in the name Rayyan:


Emotion evoked from the name Rayyan:

Rayyan is a name that symbolizes peace, paradise, and fulfillment.

Alternative spellings for the name Rayyan:

Raian, Raiaan, Raiyane, Rayan, Rayaan.

Nicknames for the name Rayyan:

Ra, Ray, Ry.

Popularity of the name Rayyan:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Rayyan hasn't appeared on the list of the top 1,000 baby names at any point between 1900 and today.

Related names for the name Rayyan:


Great middle names for Rayyan and their meanings:

  • Ali (sublime)
  • Akeem (wise and intelligent)
  • Carey (love)
  • Deen (valley)
  • Kasey (alert)
  • Salman (protector)
  • Zayn (beauty, grace)
  • Zaki (chaste)

Famous people with the name Rayyan:

Rayyans in movies/pop culture:

  • “Rayyan: Desert Sheikh Romance” (book)